Winners and losers in exam prep for the NBCOT® Exam

In real life, there are no winners or losers, but there are learners. That is how the cycle goes as well for Occupational Therapists who are striving to pass the National Board Certification in Occupational Therapy exam.

The NBCOT® exam is a complex test OTs need to give focus on after college as it will be a great jumpstart in their career. It gives them more credibility and opportunity as part of the huge population in the field.

Same goes for the exam prep for NBCOT® takers offered by Pass the OT. If you want to know more of their offers click here.

Your exam preparation for the big test will help you more with dealing how it really works on that day. The exam will be done and timed via computers in their testing area. Everybody knows much of the flow, 100+ three and four-option questions and 3 clinical simulations. Tricky and risky so they say.

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That is how you will also be trained in your exam prep but in a more focused and divided manner.

Online learning hubs just like Pass the OT has the following easy structured modules:

  • Timed and untimed question quizzes
  • Self-assessment for one’s strengths and weaknesses
  • 25 key topics with mini quizzes
  • Comprehensive exams
  • Clinical simulations
  • Easily understandable rationales
  • Easy access via mobile phones, tablets and computers
  • Online tutoring through Skype

That’s just the main features which can definitely help you study with the focus for the NBCOT® exam that they offer.

Would you agree that there are no winners or losers in this exam prep? Why so?

A person with average thinking can always do a re-do in the exam prep. It’s the same thing when you unlikely fail the big test. All you need to do is to retake with Pass the OT and do your best this time to pass it.

Keep in mind that there’s a retake fee for OTs who failed to pass for the first time. But that does not mean you cannot do it.

Do not be ashamed of failing. There is always a reason why things fail to happen in life. Just think of it as a better preparation for your career. Do not see it as a depressing side in your life.

That is why self-assessment is very important, not just in this test, but in our lives as well.

There is nothing wrong with knowing what you are weak at. Knowing it can actually help you focus on it the next time and master it. Who knows, it will be your expertise in the future?

It is really important that once you want to be board-certified you need to be 100% motivated and determined to show the best that you got. Do not scare yourself with its complex questions. Take it as a challenge for you to do extra effort for it.

This is not a just a damn piece of paper, it is your whole new life and career. Becoming board-certified can bring you to a lot of things, better opportunities, better salary and more clients. Think about all the individuals and companies you will be able to help. That must be your ultimate goal.

What’s good about your profession is that you get to meet a lot of people and you most probably learn a lot of them too.

Learning can be the best luxury one can ever get in their life. There is no maximum capacity one can get with pure knowledge. It goes on and on as the future comes before our eyes. All you need to do is to embrace it and use it well in your career.

The word LOSER should not exist in you. Everything will always start in one’s self.

In order to be the person you wish to become, you need to work on it. This is how you will be able to give great service to your customers. Become a good example to the people that surrounds you. Show them that you can do all things possible because you believe in yourself.

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Keep those points in mind and you are good to go for the NBCOT® examination.

Over 2,000 occupational therapy students who took the examination passed the NBCOT® with the help of the expert online tutors from Pass the OT. That’s about 90% of the number of enrollees they had for many years. Some of them are repeat takers who almost lose their hope in passing until they did after taking this study prep.

Pass the OT is not accredited nor endorsed by NBCOT®. The statistics just shows that most of the therapists who took the study prep they offer passed the exam luckily in their first try.

This shows the credibility of this company in terms of their expertise in helping OTRs and OTAs achieved their goal to become a board-certified practitioner in the state.

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