360 Feedback – Is It Really Necessary

Although successful companies strive to guide and evaluate their employees towards constant improvement, a standard performance review system is still lacking. While more and more companies are using feedback into their process, some of them are finding that it’s not an easy and a smooth process as they expect it to happen. Organizations can end up doing a very poor job of introducing and using this technique. But what is this technique, and what are some of its benefits?

A 360 degree feedback refers to a tool and method that provides each employee with a chance to measure their performance and receive feedback from their supervisors. Most of the tools in this feedback are also responded to by each employee to ensure that there is a proper assessment of their activities. It allows them to understand how effective they are as employees and how they are being viewed by other people. The most effective feedback process normally provides feedback that’s based on the behavior that other employees can see.

The feedback provides insights into the behaviors and the skills that are needed in an organization to accomplish their vision, mission, and goals and live the values that they believe in. The feedback is, therefore, firmly rooted in the behaviors that can exceed customers’ expectations. The main purpose of this feedback is to help each individual to understand their weaknesses and strengths and to contribute to all the other aspects of their work. One such app that helps in this is the Matter. With this unique app, you can discover your strengths, feel confident at work, set new goals, and even reach your potential. To learn more about it, check out

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How 360-degree feedback is used

This feedback tool can be used to help employees recognize their strengths and become more effective in whatever they are doing. When used well, it can give people a chance to provide anonymous feedback to a coworker that they may have otherwise been reluctant to give. The recipients will then gain insights into how others perceive them and have a chance to develop their skills and adjust their behaviors to excel in what they are doing.

This tool can also be used as a performance appraisal tool. Although this is a common practice, it’s not one of the best ideas. This is because it’s hard to properly structure it to create an atmosphere of trust. Moreover, it focuses on job requirements, basic skills, and performances that are most appropriately addressed by his or her manager as part of their performance appraisal.

What the feedback tool measures:

  • This feedback tool measures competencies and behavior.
  • The 360 assessment provides feedback on how other workers perceive you.
  • The 360 degree feedback addresses skills such as planning, listening, and goal setting.
  • The 360 evaluation focuses on subjective areas such as character, teamwork, and leadership effectiveness.

Is this feedback tool necessary?

To test one’s own perception and recognize previously unseen strengths and become aware of the blind spots, this kind of feedback is very important.

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