5 Latest Sports Bra Designs

5 Latest Sports Bra Designs

Sports bras improve functionality for women when participating in strenuous or difficult activities. They are great for runners, athletes of all kinds and simply, fitness gurus. Sports bras can truly make or break the activity you are engaged in due to their comfort, styling, and way they best fit your needs.

It is important that a sports bra fits right and remains comfortable. It has to have the correct support while functioning well and being comfortable. Sports bras are essential to women of all sizes and shapes as well. Continue reading below to learn more about the five latest sports bra designs this year.

1. Shear Thickening Fluid Capabilities

There are sports bras that are coming out with technological capacities relative to the idea of memory foam technology. These bras have shear thickening fluid that mold and adjust to your breasts’ needs while engaging in strenuous activities. It is loose and relaxed when inactive and becomes more supportive when you are active.

Additional features of these bras include underwire for even more support. There are also thin straps that promote premium comfort throughout. Design is something that is very simple to something that has such great technological advancements as well.

2. High Adjustability

Women of every size and shape are becoming more and more promoted in the fashion industry. With thinking of real women in mind, it is important to offer sports bras that are easily adjustable in many different ways. These adjustable features will ensure that there is a proper fit truly for every woman.

Sports bras that are highly adjustable often offer options. They offer underwire versus no underwire. They offer support without minimizing comfort as well as all straps are padded and comfortable. Mesh panels are also available to ensure breathability as an option for those with larger breasts.

3. Flattening Features

When thinking of women of all sizes, you cannot neglect those women who may have smaller chest sizes as well. For these women, sports bras are offered that are able to flatten the chest area. These are often very smooth and offer a fast dry to avoid sweat stains.

There is no neglect of support in these flattening sports bras. There are still underwires often available for support and coverage. Finally, strap styles are available in many styles including racerback and spaghetti strap to give you the comfort you need in style.

4. Zipper-Front

Zipper-front sports bras are becoming more and more popular. They are great for women with larger breasts as it adds an added feature of security and comfort. It is also easy to get on and off as it is simply zipped around the front.

Zipper-front sports bras are highly adjustable as well. They are able to be zipped up to only the amount you want for the coverage you want. They also give a lift to make your chest as comfortable as possible. Often these zipper-front sports bras do have classic straps and breathable fabrics.

5. Encapsulation

Encapsulated sports bras are great options for those who need added support. This style is becoming increasingly popular as the cup of the sports bra is specifically designed to hold the breasts. This gives exceptional support to your chest to add to your comfort levels that are needed.

These bras not only offer the encapsulation but underwire and customizable strapping. Make the sports bra work for you so that you can have the comfort and support you need. These are great for individuals of all sizes and shapes who want to stand out from the crowd.

Final Thoughts

Sports bras are necessary for women who are engaging in activities that are strenuous or fitness-related. Every woman deserves a sports bra that provides comfort and style. In 2020, there are options for women of all sizes and shapes to find a sports bra that works for them and their needs.

Visit Sports Bras Direct to find a sports bra that works for you and your needs. You will find zipper-fronts, encapsulated sports bras and customizable sports bras available to you, among others. Be sure to choose them when choosing your next sports bra.

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