Scholarships at Nexford; Pushing people towards greatness

Scholarships at Nexford; Pushing people towards greatness

With the world evolving, so should your chance of success. However, we still live in a world where your birth place can have control on your future. Nexford university is on a mission to change that.

The world is striving towards equality, with no race or society with better genes or higher IQ than any other. Aligned with this equality is the equal potential for men and women to achieve greatness. Yet, all over the planet, immense talent lies untapped because a conventional university education remains out of reach for so many.

“Nexford is here to make a difference”, says Dr Sheila Fournier-Bonilla, Chief Academic Officer at the university, which offers undergraduate and graduate programs as well as short courses and certificates 100% online.

“We want to unleash the potential of the countless people who don’t dare to dream of getting a degree. We believe that doing that has the power to change the world.”

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The skills to succeed, from day one

A Next Generation Scholarship award winner from Nigeria, Richard Taiwo, is a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) learner. Intended to give people at an early stage in their career the skills they need to impress global employers, Nexford BBA learners can specialize as soon as they start their degree – choosing from a range of options like doing business in Europe to foreign direct investment or artificial intelligence – so they don’t have to wait to step up to their chosen career.

“The Next Generation Scholarship has made it possible for me to meet some amazing and fascinating people, like my professors, and my incredible classmates. I’ve learned about culture, risk analysis, the political structure in America and so much more already.” Richard is so impressed with the faculty and classmates he works with on virtual projects with, that he’s already set his sights on the Nexford MBA program.

For many of the university’s scholars, their award has made the difference between getting a degree or going through life without one. “This scholarship gives me access to the kind of education I’ve been aiming at for a long time,” says Nigerian MBA learner Sunday Rotimi, an Entrepreneurship Scholarship recipient. As a scholarship for the business-founders of the future, Sunday got the award for showing entrepreneurial promise. He’s now learning the skills to start a business – from finance to marketing and HR – and will graduate with the confidence to create, grow and manage a profitable startup. “Without it,” says Sunday, “I wouldn’t have had access to such skill-based learning, which has really enhanced my life. I believe that if more people could get this, it could transform the world.”

He continues: “My MBA has given me real-world skills that are shaping me already and giving me a new perspective on life. It’s also showing me what I need to do to achieve my aspirations, like reflecting on myself, and knowing my personality.” As a future business owner, Sunday will one day be a leader. So, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis he carried out at the start of his Nexford MBA has been a stand-out for him. “It’s already impacted me”, he says.

Unleashing opportunity

The savings some learners have made through their scholarship awards have enabled them to make a difference in their own communities. Nigerian Ugochukwu Oyenka – another Entrepreneurship Scholarship winner, currently part way through her MBA – owns his own company, and he’s invested the money the scholarship has saved her straight into it: “With this scholarship, we can touch more lives, pay more salaries and add value”, he says. Getting the scholarship just added even more fuel to the fire of Ugochukwu’s ambition.

“It seemed too good to be true at first”, he continues. “Thirty percent off a US MBA? The fact that I can access a world-class MBA at a fraction of the price is so thrilling. The learning experience at Nexford is amazing. I’ve already made personal connections from the learning platform and I’m looking forward to continuing them when I’m done with my MBA.”

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Getting a scholarship is clearly a big confidence boost that gives many learners the extra kick they need to excel. Another Nigerian MBA learner, Aleryo Boyo – who received a Next Generation Scholarship – says that the award has given her even more motivation to succeed: “Simply knowing I have a scholarship at stake is enough motivation for me. I never imagined I could be so focused when the workload of combining work and study is high. The intensity of learning makes me open my mind to the possibilities around me. I’m also applying that study discipline to other areas of my life and interpersonal relationships.”

Your future starts now

It is a great benefit to learners all round, not just scholarship learners that they can directly apply the skills they learn in their studies, outside their life too. Michael Ariel is a great example of this; one core course was the push he needed to launch his not-for-profit business. Masmaikel ( is his own scholarship foundation that he built to offer financial help to people in need. “We’re prioritizing unlucky people who have a big passion for and interest in education”, he says. “My future business is in education for humanity, so getting this scholarship myself is a perfect connection.”

Nexford is providing the opportunity for people to excel. Their degrees are built on the needs of the world’s largest employers. With this, courses have been created to include less theory and have more practical application by learning job skills to directly apply to the world around; 100% online.

To learn more about Nexford, and their huge range of scholarships for AAS in BusinessBBA or MBA degrees for ambitious learners from any country. Check out their options, and see which might be the right fit for you at Nexford scholarships.

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