5 Side Hustles You Never Thought About

5 Side Hustles You Never Thought About

There are great chances that since you are attracted to this headline, you are looking for a side hustle to make some extra cash. And, fortunately, there are so many opportunities for side hustles today that everyone in need of a secondary income can find their luck. However, some options are more uncommon than others. Let’s look at five sideline ways of making money you never thought about.

Become a local tour guide

Considering the pandemic circumstances, the idea of visiting natural heritage sites all over the US becomes increasingly popular.

Even the places with no heritage sites, such as small and obscure US towns, become more and more attractive in the eyes of tourists constrained to national roadmaps.

Becoming a local tour guide comes as an exciting and handy way to make an additional income source.

Besides being familiar with the local historical and natural heritage sites, a big plus would be if you already excel in activities such as hiking, skiing, or boat driving.

Moreover, you can control your weekly availability, making it a weekend gig during specific months of the year.

Trade financial markets

For many, trading on financial markets rimes with highly lucrative skills but also high expertise in finances.

It would be unrealistic and foolish to believe that trading doesn’t require some previous knowledge and deep insight into the market trends.

However, in today’s digital world, anyone can venture into trading activity and, with the help of free educational materials, can learn the ropes of online trading.

One of the most convenient markets to start with is Forex. It’s quite straightforward and highly lucrative. You can start trading or just look for the learning materials by looking for a Forex broker that provides educational ebooks, a variety of assets, and a trading account that will make your trading experience the best possible.

Personal shopper

During the health crisis, the interest of at-risk consumers for the service of a personal shopper drastically increased. Due to some people fear to venture alone into the shopping, they hire personal shoppers to help them.

However, there are some things to keep in mind if you are considering becoming a personal shopper.

You might like to shop on your own. But to become a personal shopper, you need to have a whole different set of skills.

You need to know your customers, shop for groceries, and then deliver the items that match their tastes, preferences, and sizes.

While most personal shoppers set up meetings with their clients and ask them to fill out the information in writing, it sometimes helps to spend more time with clients to get a real feel for their personality and style.

Virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will take on the task mainly such as online calendar organization, emailing, making travel arrangements, etc.

With the small business looking to scale their everyday operations and the wave of remote work, a virtual assistant became tremendously popular and in demand.

Since this kind of side hustle can be done entirely online, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, and generally, you can schedule your working hours as you wish.

Data entry freelancer

Data is the most powerful tool for most of today’s business. And the way they are organized significantly matters.

Despite many data extracting and organizational tools, most companies need data management to be done in a specific and highly customizable way.

To take advantage of this side hustle opportunity, you need to have a good typing speed and analytical mindset.

Besides that, all you need is to register on a job offering websites that are numerous and to apply. It’s one of the most demanded skills decently remunerated and most importantly, also allows for self-time management since it is performed from your home office.

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