5 Spiritual Tips For Living Better And Improving Your Well-Being

From feeling fatigue and being tired most of the time to being unhappy with the way our lives are going there is rarely a moment of contentment and happiness to be found in between. Are our lives really that bad to explain rising depression, anxiety and dissatisfaction? Or could it be something else, something we’ve neglected as a species along the way? I’d say that’s closer to the truth. Here, I’ll try to give a few spiritual tips that will hopefully help in improving the overall quality of your life, and your well-being.

  • Meditate

The first one is the obvious one. Just breaking off from the day for at least half an hour in search of serenity can and will improve your well being. It has been found to help battle depression in those practicing it, while also reducing stress and anxiety.

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  • Pray

While there certainly exist similarities between meditation and prayer, there also exists a crucial difference. Intention that always, without exception motivates a person to pray is to establish a connection with God. Establishing that connection, while also performing an act similar to meditation improves your physical AND spiritual well- being.

“Prayer is so often shrouded in mysticism or religious jargon that it may be hard to really understand what it is or its true purpose.” According to the team at Be in Health “Prayer is by faith, talking to our Father believing that He hears us when we speak to Him.”

  • Attend mass

Attending a mass can sometimes feel a bit boring. Doing it regularly, however, can increase the quality of your life. Especially if you’re attending with your romantic partner. Through research, it has been found that religious couples who are attend mass at least once a week stay together longer Studies have shown that female regular attendees of spiritual rituals were 5 times less likely to commit suicide than those who do not practice any religion.

  • Fast

A lot of the times, problems concerning our sense of well-being are physiological. For the mind to feel better, the body has to be better. It turns out fasting, a practice deeply rooted in religions all over the world, has many health benefits. Studies have found that intermittent fasting helps control levels of sugar in the blood. It also fights inflammation, helps keep the brain healthy by reducing risks of alzheimer disease for example, it increases growth hormone secretion which is vital for keeping our bodies healthy. The benefits of fasting go far beyond that and it certainly will improve your well-being.

  • Believe in God

Yes, I know, it isn’t really a simple tip. how do you do it and why exactly should you do it? Well, as to how, I’d say the previous 4 tips will all get you closer to believing. Attempt to communicate with him. Think about the kindness you witness from those attending mass with you. Read any and all religious books you want to, maybe you find him through them. And why you should it? 

Can’t say I’ve ever met anyone who managed to believe in God for this reason, but you WILL feel better if you believe. Anxiety comes from worry, worry mostly comes from uncertainty. A Mclean hospital study has found that belief in God helps people tolerate uncertainty better, and by doing so, they start worrying less. It has also been found to reduce stress by only thinking about him. Medical patients respond to therapy better if they believe in God. 

Cancer patients have been found to have a more positive outlook if they believe. If a cancer patient can look at life more optimistically through God, imagine what belief can do for you.

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