Tips for camping while Pregnant

Camping is both fun and adventurous activity. This builds relations and helps people to learn survival skills. Camping is suitable for all genders and people of all ages including pregnant. Many pregnant women refrain from camping in fear of infections and strenuous walking on hills. Let us see some tips for pregnant women to follow while camping.

Steps for camping while pregnant:

Camping for a pregnant is a tedious adventure. That morning sickness and the sweat and urine problem make the trip a living hell. The tips to be followed by pregnant ladies during their camping are enlisted below.

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  • Consult your doctor before planning for camping. If you are being predicted to have a high-risk pregnancy, Then camping is a big no-no for you.
  • Always carry your doctor’s information like emergency phone numbers and the address of nearby hospitals around the campsite and insurance information before leaving for camp.
  • Choose a campsite that has plenty of shade. Sun is the biggest enemy for pregnant women while camping. Choose a campsite that is providing good shade. A camp with lots of trees will be great for camping with pregnant ladies.
  • Choose a campsite with a good and clean water facility. Always carry sufficient water is the mantra for successful camping by pregnant women. Water helps to reduce swelling in pregnant women while camping and allows them to stay hydrated for a longer time.
  • Camping means sleeping on the floor which is uncomfortable for pregnant women. Therefore, carry an air mattress or a water bed with good pillows while camping. Make sure the air mattress you choose is free from holes and it should not deflate on you.
  • Using the bathroom during pregnancy is a bad feature for pregnant women. This facility will not be available in many campsites. Therefore, choose a campsite that provides the best bathroom facility and make sure that they are being maintained hygienically. Otherwise, you might invite infections on your way home from camp.
  • Never forget to have a comfortable scheduled nap during camping. Sleep is essential for pregnant ladies and this regime has to be followed by them during camping also.
  • While packing, make sure you carry some comfortable and easy to carry chairs as pregnant ladies cannot sit on the ground comfortably. Many campsites won’t provide camping chairs, therefore, it is the best option to carry them during camping.
  • As camping is mostly done in nature and outdoors, Bugs are common. Always carry a bug spray. This is an important tip to be followed by everyone while camping. Because we don’t know any information about the bugs in that campsite and the consequences of its bite. Therefore, prevention is better than cure.
  • Have some easy and healthy recipes as diet during camping. Because you don’t want to disturb the whole camping environment because of pregnancy sickness. Make sure you have a good diet and stay hydrated.
  • Don’t pack too heavy for camping. This is a good tip to follow while camping. Camping is done to enjoy nature around and relax from a tedious life. If you are with kids or a big family, Plan some fun activities; don’t take more stuff to camp as it will be heavy for anyone.
  • Make sure the snacks that you get during camping are healthy. It is better to carry your own snacks from home to camp. Because campsite may charge more for your snacks. Have a healthy diet and snacks during this period.
  • Because mood swings are common for pregnant women, always try to have a good attitude during camping. Because any ride word can make the whole camp trip a mess.
  • Carry a first aid box, some sanitary napkins, some cotton, surgical spirit, band-aids and the medicines prescribed to be used during pregnancy. This is a must tip to be followed by pregnant ladies.
  • Pregnant ladies should even carry some scarves, hats, and umbrellas in the case the campsite is sunny. You don’t want to have sunstroke and get hospitalized during camp. Therefore, carry them.
  • Also, the women should carry CampSite for better management of a tent and make it stand in a proper way

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This article discusses many tips that are to be followed by pregnant ladies during their camping trips. You can read more adventure and outdoor articles on our website Distenia.

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