How to Hint that Your Partner’s Style is Bad

How does it usually happen? An interesting man is approaching you, and everything in him is fine for you: perfect body and beautiful soul. But there is always one BUT. He has poor taste in clothing and looks really not the trendiest guy you met. In this case, it would be foolish to reject a person that is a perfect candidate just because of a few pieces of clothing. What should you do then? Take everything in your own hands and find ways to build the style of your new partner by yourself.

First, you need to really assess what exactly you mean by “bad?” Unfashionable, untidy, poor quality, or not matching. Even if it seems that everything is not right, there must be one thing that stands out the most, and as soon as you detect it, you have a base to work with. After all, maybe he looks good, and you are trying to make him dress according to your style preferences. If this is not the case, take action.

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  • A face-to-face talk

To start, begin an unobtrusive conversation about the male hero during the movie; say what you like about his image and watch your partner’s reaction. Discuss how male heroes are dressed and slowly get down to questions like whether your companion is pleased with what he looks like, or he would like to change something. Maybe it will turn out that he is not at all against bringing about some changes and would easily trust you in this matter.

  • Touching his male ego

If your loved one thinks that he does not need a new style, it is worth turning to his ego, but be careful: you need to slightly touch his ambitions and not hit him on the male self-esteem. Chances are you have already managed to study your boyfriend’s personal attributes and understand how he wants to look like for the society. Most men want to achieve success in their career, as well as to look attractive and confident alpha males.

For example, if your man wants to get a promotion at work or just started his own business but is not sure about his abilities until the end, you can help him gain more confidence. Tell him about the success stories of famous men from time to time, show articles, and pay attention to the way successful people dress. Explain to him that people show favor and respect to those who are well-dressed and treat them as professionals. As women from the site claim, all females love edgy men who have a good taste for clothing.

The main thing is not to pile your loved one with a ton of information; otherwise, he will suspect what you are trying to do. Real examples are very effective. They awaken the spirit of rivalry. Make another attempt again to offer your man to go for shopping and introduce him to the world of fashion. Perhaps the next time you are in the store, your man will leave it with the bags bigger than yours.

  • Secret impact

If you got a very uncompromising man, do not despair. Typically, the representatives of this category are those who are sure that they look fabulous or those who continue to stand for their opinion just on principle, even if sticking to their old image really lacks in sense. Males from such a category hate shopping and do it no earlier than when their last pair of jeans tears apart. What you can do in such a situation is offer your man to go to the store for him and buy something for your taste. You do not lose anything because either he does not like the new item and you can return it, or it will catch his attention, and you are now officially allowed to reorganize his wardrobe.

  • Presents

Do not forget about a perfect occasion to buy your loved one something new and fashionable. A trendy piece of clothing makes a fantastic gift. A new sweater or scarf looks completely right to the place. Tell him how you wanted to please him and how nice the new outfit matches his identity. He will wear it at least out of respect and maybe start liking it over time.

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