We all want to improve our vocabulary fast and easy but there are no shortcuts to success and thus you have to go through the grind to improve your vocabulary.

You need to read more, listen more, talk more and practice more and only then will you develop a great and grand vocabulary which will impress all and make you a success personally and professionally.

Some tips to learn good vocabulary fast: –

  •

The more you read the more new words you will learn and your vocabulary will increase manifolds. Reading the newspaper, magazines and books is critical for communication skills excellence.

You should read at least 1 book a month to improve your vocabulary. You should read the editorial page of the newspaper daily also. This will provide you with many new words and then you can use these words in your daily parlance. Also you should take a Spoken English Classes online as the trainer will help and suggest some good books and magazines for you to read.

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You should start by learning simple words and then move on to more complex words. Try to learn words which you can use in your daily routine and words which others will also understand.

This way you will become a prolific speaker with a fantastic vocabulary.


To learn new words, you should also listen to more English. You can watch movies and TV shows in English. You should also make it a regular habit to watch the English news daily. This way you will get new words daily and you should note them down and then try to use them in your daily parlance.

You can also join a Spoken English Classes Online where the trainer will suggest some good movies and TV shows for you to watch and learn English from.

Also today there is an increasing trend of audiobooks and more and more people are listening to audiobooks today. Thus you can also start listening to some good audiobooks so that you get the music of the language and also get new words daily.

You should listen to at least 1 hour of audiobooks daily and this will definitely improve your vocabulary and speaking skills.

  • TALK MORE: –

Once you have the new words with you the next thing to do is to use those words while speaking with your colleagues, family and friends.

The more you practice the better you will become and thus it is critical to persevere and keep at it till you make your vocabulary fantastic. You can also speak in front of a mirror and observe how you are using the new words and also you can record your speech when you are using the new words that you have learnt and this way you will be able to judge how proficient you have become in the language.

If you are a student then you can take part in debates and extempore and improve your vocab and communication skills and if you are working then you can take initiative and give more speeches and presentations and this will not only boost your confidence but will also contribute to your personal and professional success.


Last but not the least you need to practice more. The more you practice the better you will become and thus you should take up every opportunity you get to speak more and more and this way you will become fluent and proficient in the language.

Thus by following all these steps and tips regularly and meticulously you can easily improve your vocab and become a champion speaker in college and in office too.

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