Benefits of Waste Segregation Using Trash Bin for PPE


Throwing rubbish away is a permanent and integral part of everyday life. After a yard cleanup, project, or renovation, you’ve got to throw away all the rubbish and bubbles in a bin. However, there are some proper waste disposal details that you might have ignored. Committing to the correct waste management practices like waste segregation comes with several benefits to you.

Waste segregation is legally required under the Australian Waste Regulations. You must separate cardboard, plastic, metal, grass, and weed unless it’s economically or technically unfeasible. Under this same regulation, you’ve got to implement the waste hierarchy, which is reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, and residuals (disposal). Waste segregation helps with recycling.

Proper waste disposal has lots of benefits for you, your environment, and your community. Read on to discover some of them.

Meaning of Proper Waste Disposal

Proper waste disposal entails a commitment to waste segregation. Before dumping scraps and all your old things in the bin, separate the materials that can be recycled and reused. Then you can sort the leftover waste into non-recyclable material, organic and inorganic waste, and even compost to be repackaged and sold.

These proper waste disposal practices are in alignment with the country’s environmental policy. Get a good quality trash bin for PPE from Ecobin and join millions of other Australians to ensure proper waste disposal.

Reasons to Properly Dispose of Waste

Here are a few good reasons to segregate, recycle, and reuse your waste.

Cleans the Landscape

Stashing junks like broken appliances and old furniture in your backyard makes a complete mess of your landscape. This act reduces your facility’s visual appeal and is the perfect breeding ground for pests and rodents.

Proper waste disposal with a bin for PPE helps clear and clean your landscape. Whether in your sidewalk or backyard, strategically placed bins will ensure a neat appearance.

Improves Community Health

Before waste segregation, people were harmed by inhaling burning wastes in backyards and landfills. It caused respiratory problems like emphysema and asthma and other systemic diseases. Proper waste disposal improves community health.

Reduces Pest Infestation

Wastes attract rodents and insects. It’d be best to have a trash can outside your office building or home for disposing of perishables. Remember to throw it away at least once a week to get rid of the pungent smell.

Promotes Health and Sanitation

Proper waste disposal promotes health and sanitation. Rotting and festering waste encourages mould and bacteria to thrive. Without proper waste disposal using a PPE bin, your office is vulnerable to disease spread. When you don’t dispose of waste, it may lead to allergies, skin rashes, or worse health problems.

Protects You From Biohazard

Metals, chemical wastes, and gadgets can decay and form harmful biohazards. They might leak and contaminate the water and soil, or their particles might mix in the atmosphere. Proper waste disposal using a PPE disposal bin requires liners to prevent harmful biohazard leakage.

Aids in Organisation

Waste segregation ensures you have more room to move around and organize in your office. Regular waste disposal will ensure your space remains orderly and clean. Make sure to place one PPE bin outside your building and home for easy removal.

Adds to Waste Energy

Environmentalists are encouraging the use of energy generated from incinerating waste in small-scale sites and landfills as an alternative to using fossil fuels that have enormous environmental impacts. Experts can convert the gases gotten from the disposal process into electricity.


Whether it’s cleaning your building after a renovation project or you want to clear out the junks from your landscape, waste segregation has several benefits for you and your community. Consider getting a waste bin from Ecobin to help you sort your wastes.

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