Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar panels allow us to harness the pure and clean energy that comes from the sun. As the price of solar panels here in the Philippines continues to go down, more and more people are choosing to have solar panels installed in their homes or establishments. By switching to solar energy, you will also be helping in the fight to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Because people use a huge amount of energy to heat, cool, and power their homes, there are a lot of businesses that supply that electricity, usually through the consumption of non-renewable resources. Most of the energy that is supplied by these businesses come from the burning of fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, and coal. These resources are not endless and producing a lot of energy through these means that airborne particles and hazardous waste are released into the environment.

When you install and use solar panels to power your home, not only will you enjoy the cost savings that come with it, you can also feel good knowing that you are doing your part to help the environment. Unlike other non-renewable energy sources like oil, gas, or coal, your solar panels produce energy in a way that does not create pollution in the process. If you are interested in green, renewable power, consider the environmental benefits of solar energy.

Reduces the Need for Non-renewable Resources

The sun is probably the most abundant energy source in the world. It produces an astounding 173,000 terawatts of energy every second which is more than 10,000 times the amount to the total combined energy use of the world. The energy the sun produces isn’t expected to run out soon, making solar energy a renewable source of power.

In contrast to this, while fossil fuels might seem abundant today, they are still non-renewable which means there will come a time when the planet runs out of it. Right now, the cost of finding and extracting what little remains of this fossil fuel is increasingly becoming more expensive. By the time fossil fuels finally run out, the resulting damage to the environment as well as the financial infrastructure might already be unrepairable.

Switching your energy source to solar today might just be the best way to prepare yourself for the reality of non-renewable fuel sources. Solar energy is a great way of being prepared for the unexpected.

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Reduces Water Pollution

Even though most manufacturing processes require some amount of water, the photovoltaic cells in solar panels do not need water to produce electricity. This is perhaps the biggest yet most underrated advantages of solar energy.

Traditional forms of producing energy such as geothermal and biomass power plants and coal-fired and natural gas facilities all require massive amounts of water in order to meet their important cooling requirements.

Producing power using solar panels does not pollute local water resources. The operation of solar panels also does not strain any local water supplies, eliminating the need to compete with drinking water systems, agriculture, and other important water needs.

Reduces Air Pollution

As fossil fuels are burned, they release harmful methane and carbon dioxide gases. These emissions from traditional sources of energy are the leading causes of poor air quality and rising global temperatures.

On the other hand, producing electricity using solar panels does not produce any greenhouse gas at all. In fact, solar panels installed across the United States are expected to curb as much as 16.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide produced every year.

Switching to solar energy is a great way of reducing the carbon dioxide produced by a large amount and may be the key to solve global warming. That is why the rise of solar powered cars are on its way as well.

Key Takeaway

Switching to solar energy not only grants you massive savings as the price of solar panels in the Philippines continues to go down, but also benefits the environment. By investing in solar panels, you will also be helping reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in favor of the most consistent and abundant energy source available – the sun. Not only will you help nature by consuming clean energy, your pockets will be happy as well with the money that you save.


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