Should I Choose Band or DJ for My Wedding Reception Music?

DJ for My Wedding

Choosing a DJ or band is the toughest battle which is happening since ages. Most of the people would just make a pause here when it’s time to arrange or hire a good music performer to their wedding receptions.

However, as we know that having a live music performance at weddings are so much fun and excitement. They will provide you with every possibility of entertainment and fun-loving moments which will never be forgotten easily.

With the help of such wedding bands Dublin, your wedding would stay the most memorable event ever for you and as well as for your guests. But the main agenda which makes people confused is to either choose a DJ or Band for their wedding reception.

Which one would be the best package for them in a manner to perform better in a flexible way? So, that’s why we are here to give you the all the possible reasons for which will be the best for you at your wedding reception, a DJ or band?

Things to Be Consider Before Choosing a DJ or Band:


You need first to specify the music you want if you like some old playing soft music, or even some of the hard fast-songs, then probably the live band will be the best option for you.


Whether you choose the DJ or a live band, you need to pick the best variety performer. Varieties are always good, choose the performer who will be good in a manner to provide with both slow and fast songs variations.

If you choose the Best Irish wedding bands, ask them about their songs collection and all. Or if you choose a DJ, ask him the same question.


When you go with the budget system, DJ’s always cost less, they charge you in some less-expensive way for a maximum of two hours. However, in bands, you will be charged less more than DJ’s. As because, a 12-piece band will definitely cost you more as compared to the DJ.  So, in according to the budget, a DJ would be the best choice for you.


Check out the space you have, if you don’t have enough space for the setup of a huge band, you will go with the DJ option. As because bands always needed more space in a manner to make a set up with their instruments. But DJ doesn’t need much space, it will be adjusted in a small space as well.

  • The Total Cost of Wedding Bands?

If you want to choose the best Wedding bands Dublin, you need to get this idea about their cost and performance ability. The bands usually cost much as compared to the DJ’s. Local jazz combos or as well as such acoustic bands may provide you with the actual cost range in between $750 and $1500.

However, the region’s most famous and popular and private party bands may either cost you in the range of $10,000 or more.

On the average cost of thought, most brilliant dance bands for weddings receptions or even to those special events are more likely to cost in the range of between $2500 and $7500.

So, you need to check your budget first before going for the decision of hiring a band or DJ.

  • The Total Costs of DJ’s?

In the matter of budget, the DJ’s would be the best and affordable choice for you. However, the cost range of between $200 – $300 would be demanded by the typical beginner DJ’s. This cost would be demanded for a short time of period.

However, the cost range of between $400 – $600, this cost would be demanded by the experience DJ’s than the beginners, but more likely a kind of part-time DJ.

Somehow, the professional and experienced DJ’s would be charged you with the cost of range in between $1,000 – $2,500, they are full-time DJ’s.

Now you should choose the band or DJ, if you consider your budget over performance, it all depends on the choice and needed requirements of both DJ and band.

  • Why Should You Hire A Wedding Band And Not DJ?

Here with the best Irish wedding bands, you can get the best live performances, a different category of particular songs, life demands, and much more.

When you choose a band over DJ, you will get the options of non-stop different kinds of songs and background music, as the bands come up with their whole instruments set up. But the only negative point is that they cost you much more as compared to the DJ’s.

As well as, the bands will take much space to adjust their instruments and all, however, DJ’s would be easily adjusted to any compact spaces. So, the choice is your’s, which one you would choose now?

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