Some Of The Tech Bloggers And Influencers You Should Know About

Blogging is all about passing the information to others in your own expressions. Therefore, blogging is one of the top professions these days. There are around thousands of bloggers in one place.

Are you passionate about blogging, marketing or technology? Are you interested in tech blogs? Are you searching for the best bloggers and influencers? If yes, then you have landed on the perfect article. This article will tell you about the best bloggers and influencers running tech blogs India. Have a look to know them all in details:


HellBound Bloggers is a blog by Pradeep Kumar. He is a Chennai blogger who covers all the important information related to SEO in his blogs. There are so many other topics (such as Word press, Ecommerce, etc.) also covered by him in his Hell Bound Blog. Therefore, he is considered to be the sensation person of blogging because he started his journey when he was 17. He says that he loves blogging and thinks that blogging is the only thing that can change the world.

If you are searching for SEO things, then you should refer to his articles. They will help you a lot. Go and subscribe to his top tech blogs in Indiatoday only, if you are finding SEO solutions.


The founder of this blog is Mr. Amit Bhavani. He is the best blogger and influencer of India. Android Advices is a blog that focuses on all android related things. Therefore, the articles provided by him showcase hand on reviews, tutorials and practical tips also. Other than android advises Amit Bhavani runs 40 other blogs also.

Go and get updates with his blog, if you don’t want to miss any update regarding androids. You can find and check his other blogs also with the help of the browser.


This is a blog founded by Ankit Kumar Singla. He is a person who started his journey in blogging when he was 22 years. Ankit did his studies from Delhi University and was very much passionate about blogging that’s why he is running a blog now. He provides all the tips and tricks related to technology in his blog. Therefore, with the help of his blog, people can easily handle the problems of Windows, Androids, etc.

So, if you want to know about the tips and tricks related to blogging, then you can refer to this best tech blogs in India.

There is also a blog named Future with Tech. This is a blog that provides all the information related to technology and its events. If you are finding such kind of blogs that provides all the information, then you can use Future with Tech. Therefore, the tone of the articles is very simple and easy that means it can be easily understood by people. Go and refer to this blog if it fulfills your needs.


These are the top best bloggers and influencers of India. Well, we would like to say that there are other bloggers also who are admired in India. You can let us know about your influencer running the best technology blogs India in the comment section below.

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