A Thrifty Girl’s Guide to Planning a Budget Wedding

Although weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it does not have to come at a cost. More and more women nowadays are targeting simple celebrations and saving their budget for the future.

For every girl wanting to marry her Prince Charming, there are ways to save on your wedding costs. A simple yet elegant celebration can bring lasting memories. Cutting on the costs even with your wedding invitation can give you more in the long run.

Ways to save on your wedding expense

The average wedding cost runs anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000. This makes it one of the most costly life events anyone would have. Weddings are more expensive than giving birth, owning your first vehicle, or even making your initial payment for a future home.

Planning in advance is always the key to saving for the big day. It allows you to shop around for the best prices and avoid costly last-minute deals. For a thrifty girl who wants to cut the expense, here are some ways to save:

  1. The wedding details. Planning usually entails getting down to the details of the event. This includes the motif, wedding invitation, and the little things needed to prep up the whole affair.

Getting a wedding planner can be one of the most significant expenses and something that can be lessened by doing the planning yourself. Though it is always better to give yourself at least a year, so everything would be planned out and prepared smoothly.

  1. The venue and food. Depending on how many guests you plan to invite the food and reception venue takes one of the most significant cuts on your wedding budget. To save, look for a reception site that does not have strict policies on food and beverage restrictions.

One that allows you to bring your supply can give you almost a quarter on savings. With this, you can bring your own decor that you can buy for much cheaper. You can start with buying bulk lace table runners, wholesale price decor, and other things that you may need for your wedding. Also, ask for sit-down meals rather than a buffet wedding to save on the extra expense.

  1. The wedding videographer and photographer. You would want to have a keepsake of your special celebrations. One way of saving on your photographer and videographer expense is to hire one who is just starting his career. Or you can get professionals who shoot weddings on the side.

Saving on the little details can be more

There are many other ways to save on your wedding. And this does not mean you come cheap. It just needs a little discernment to know which ones are quality and budget-friendly. Custom wedding invitations, for instance, can be purchased without the hassles of time constraints.

They can be made for you during last-minute deadlines without incurring additional costs both for the rush service and delivery. Unlike other providers whose same-day delivery comes with an extra fee, finding the right custom wedding invitation crafters give you value for your money.

Being a thrifty girl is being practical. And it is now being preferred by women who are thinking ahead. Remember that a one-day celebration can be much more memorable if you start your family life with money in your accounts.

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