Weight Loss: 6 Strategies For Success

Losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks you can give to yourself. It takes commitment, strength of will and persistence. That is why it is important to make your strategy first. What you want is to lose weight and stay that way with all the benefits of healthier life.

Determine which type of obesity you have. It is not the same if you have up to 10 kilograms to lose or you need to lose at least 40 kilograms. In cases of morbid obesity you will need to consult medical professional for help.

Make a commitment

If you decide to lose weight you have to be aware that you are about to make total life change over. Your lifestyle so far was not a good one and it led you to overweight and jeopardized your health. You need to understand that life change is necessary for you and it must be for good, not just until you lose your excessive weight .

Inner motivation

Find your motivation. For example, if you plan a dream vacation and you want to look your best, let that be your motivation. Put pictures of your trip destination around your home and try to imagine you there looking great. If your health is the main reason you want to lose weight, imagine yourself doing all the things you like but you can’t do at the present moment. This will help you stay focus and determine to succeed.

Realistic goals

Be aware that change you are about to make can’t happen overnight. You need to take small steps and one step at a time. Setting goals is good way to help yourself feel successful by completing them. For example, make a goal to lose two kilograms per week and make a plan how to do it. You will feel great at the end of the week when you weigh yourself and find out that you reached your goal. But be realistic. Don’t put too much in front of yourself as it may set you back to learn that you haven’t reach your goal.

Prepare your meals smartly

No one says you should eat flavorless or tasteless food. Your meals should be prepared with love and gusto even though they are prepared with less calories.

You should have several smaller well balanced meals during the day and never skip breakfast. Be aware that when we are talking about extremely obese people all these advice are not very successful simply because their health issues and problems they have. If you have such a weight and health problem you should consider gastric band surgery that will help you start losing weight  in the least stressful way.


You can’t lose weight without exercise. Exercise is the best way to burn calories and burning calories is what makes you lose weight. You should find time and space for your exercise weather it is brisk walking for 30 minutes, jogging, swimming, aerobics or some other sport activities.

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Be aware of your abilities. It is not the same if you have up to 10 kilograms overweight or over 50. If you are extremely obese first you need to lose  weight before you should even consider exercise. That is why gastric band surgery may be the safest way for you to lose excess weight and become fit enough to start exercise.

Change your perspective

Don’t be fooled, losing weight is very stressful, but you don’t need to make it even more so. Find the things that make you happy – good book, chatting with friends, good movie, window shopping, walks – whatever makes you happy and do it every time you have a chance to.

Make a weight loss journal and write every little thing in it, from every pound you lose to what you had for lunch, how much you exercised and which goals you achieved, It will help you feel accomplished and successful and that is the right pat.

Imagine your weight loss as a journey and enjoy it as you would enjoy real journey. Treat yourself with something nice every time you reach your goal and congratulate yourself on your accomplishment. Enjoy your new life and learn the benefits of it. Surround yourself with positive people that will support you and help you through rough times. Weight loss is not easy, but if you prepare it can be less stressful than you feared it would be.


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