10 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

10 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Putting together a baby shower is a deliciously festive way to celebrate a new life. Whether you’re arranging the shower or just planning to attend, you’ll want to bring a gift that will serve the new parents both now and in the future.


Baby clothes should be as soft and cozy as possible, so why not invest in some bamboo onesies? This fabric has a great texture, will be extremely soft next to baby’s skin, and will last long enough to hand down. Consider dark colors, as they will be easier to keep stain free over time.


Eventually, the family will want to get out in the fresh air. Quality Baby Prams can serve for hikes, strolls, and even jogging. Be sure to get a pram with a sun cover and the option to drape a shade or net over the baby on bright days.


It may sound too practical, but often a container of disposable baby necessities can be a great gift. Get a collapsible mesh hamper and load it with hypo-allergenic

  • wipes
  • disposable diapers
  • laundered flannel blankets
  • baby wash
  • baby lotion

Make sure everything that comes out of the hamper has all the tags removed, has been laundered and can be used immediately. A late night diaper disaster will make your gift an especially treasured one.


If you want to give a quilt or a handmade object, make it bright and include every color of the rainbow. Such a gift will grow with the child, turning from play mat to color lessons to pattern tracking. If possible, hand quilt or machine quilt the piece together instead of tying it, for safety’s sake. Make it from 100% cotton, pre-laundered materials and wash it before you give it to them.


Money can be tight, so why not give a gift certificate of service? Provide free baby-sitting, or serve as an errand-person for a new parent. They need to settle in and rest. You can provide any service from lawn care to grocery shopping and give a new parent and baby bonding time.


If you know the parents well, sign them up for activities they will love with their new babies. A membership to the zoo will provide free entertainment, or the gift of a book or magazine subscription can give the whole family a gift each month. Set this up for automatic delivery and payment to gift them now and in the future.


Not everything that makes life pleasant for babies and parents needs to be cute and cuddly. Sometimes, the thing that new parents need most is an oil change and four new tires. You could also give a large laundry hamper stocked with consumables like laundry soap and other cleaning supplies. Reduce their errands and money stress while providing them with plenty of security.


Often, new parents are completely buried in adorable things for a newborn. If the baby is born in the spring and winters in the area are cold, gift them with a pack and play or other form of baby gear that will keep the baby off the cold floor during play time. Pick up a selection of warm footie pajamas that the baby can grow into. If summer is coming, flip the clothing purchase and find a toddler bathing suit.


Remember that the parents will likely not be in the mood for a lot of company when the baby comes home. If the parents want to nest, make this easier with the gift of a nice bottle of wine, some gift certificates for food delivery, and some privacy. Be ready to back off. Issue invitations with loads of flexibility so new parents don’t feel pulled in a million different directions.


If you’re tech savvy, offer to set up a private Facebook page, an email address, or another digital storage spot for parents and loved ones to share messages, photos and stories. This is a gift that can be given to the child on special occasions, such as the first day of school or even on their graduation day.

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