5 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

5 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Cats are popular pets in many homes. There are numerous benefits of owning an indoor cat. First, they can bathe themselves! Yes. This means you may not need to spend some of your time during the day to wash and groom your cat.

Secondly, you will not need to worry about rodents in your home if you own an indoor cat. You wouldn’t want to see rats, voles, and mice all over your house. Your cat will take care of that right away.

Thirdly, they are eco-friendly options. Truth be told, living a “green” lifestyle can be difficult. If you intend to stay eco-friendly, an indoor cat is a great choice. According to some studies, the resources needed to feed and take care of a cat have a less environmental impact than most animals.

Having an indoor cat has health benefits too. Yes. Studies have shown that they can help to reduce stress. It’s normal for people to get stressed out. If you own a cat, you will only need to stroke their head when you feel stressed out. But how do you keep the pet happy? Here are five tips for you:

Buy Some Toys

Naturally, cats are predators. They have the skills to hunt for survival. Keeping a cat indoors does not change its natural instincts, which enable them to chase, stalk, and pounce upon their prey. The lack of appropriate toys for them to indulge in their active predatory skills could have repercussions.

Buying some toys for your cat on an online pet store will also help to eliminate boredom. The pets are naturally curious and always need some challenge. Boredom in cats makes them lethargic and results in various health and behavioural problems.

Cats need a lot of physical and mental exercise daily because they are hyper creatures. Toys are perfect ways to fulfil this need. Even simple structures such as cardboard boxes can keep them occupied for hours because of their fertile imaginations.

Create Bird Viewing Stations

Your indoor cat will still retain its natural attraction to small animals. One of the best ways of indulging that attraction is setting up a bird viewing station in your home. For example, you can install a cat window perch and bath outside the windows. This will enable your pet to have hours of viewing pleasure. Having some viewing stations also means that wildlife will be safe.

Take a Walk

I know. This might sound crazy as it may end being one of the hilarious videos you find online. You can train your pet to walk on a leash. It’s the most responsible way of letting your indoor cat outside. The easiest way to do this is training when it’s just a kitten. But even older cats can still learn.

You can start slowly by going for short trips outside and increase the length with time as the pet gets more comfortable. Some pet owners have a hard time when training their cats. If that happens, consider hiring a professional trainer.

Install Cat Climbing Structures

Cats love to climb. Therefore, give them the opportunity to do so. There are many benefits of climbing for your pet. First, it expands its territory. You do not need to own a spacious home to keep a cat. They do not care how big your house is. What matters is how many levels each room provides.

One of the ways to create climbing structures for your cat is adding one cat tree with several perches. You can also add another tree in the opposite corner and several shelves so that your pet can jump from one to another. The animals are always looking for higher places. Climbing provides exercise and a sense of security for your car.

Create Some Time for Your Cat

If you think your indoor cat is independent and doesn’t care whether or not you are around, think again. Many people believe the fur-babies only need enough food and a place to sleep. According to studies, they enjoy spending time with their human family.

Therefore, hang out and let them tell you how they would want to spend time with you. Like human relationships, quality time and genuine interest help to foster lifelong bonds with cats.

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