4 Types of Microphones for Your NYC Public Speaking Event

4 Types of Microphones for Your NYC Public Speaking Event

New York City is known for the Empire State Building or the breathtaking landscape of Central Park. Aside from these, NYC is also famous for its educational institutions like Columbia University and New York University. With top-notch universities like these, it is not surprising that this city would produce speakers that have the power to change the world.

If you are thinking of motivating your sales team or even your whole company, there are New York City motivational speakers that can give your crew that much needed boost. To provide justice to the fantastic talks and speeches, you need to get the best microphone rental in NYC.

Before you make that call to book a supplier, arm yourself with information on the types of microphones available in the market today. It will help you decide which one is the best for your event.

Types of Microphones

1. Lavalier Microphones

This type of microphone is commonly known as a lapel. It is excellent for presentations wherein you need to keep your hands free. For example, Presentations that requires a demonstration such as cooking, craft-making, or make-up application.

This microphone can quickly become hidden by making use of various mounting options. This microphone is relatively small, which results in lower sound quality. But the mobility and flexibility that goes with it are worth the slight loss in quality.

New York City is also home to musical performances and stage plays. A lapel microphone is perfect for these applications.

2. Countryman Microphones

This microphone is the public speaking world’s secret weapon. Likewise, it is lightweight, high-quality, and discreet. These qualities make it comfortable to use. Motivational speakers would not even notice that there is a microphone attached to their body, making their talks more spontaneous.

This miniature lapel microphone is also commonly used for worship services, interviews, and video shoots. Since the capsule is moisture resistant, it can easily be placed on the hair or bare skin. It also has an omnidirectional polar pattern that lessens wind, popping, and noise.

3. Handheld Microphones

The wireless handheld microphone is the most common microphone available in the market. It has the highest audio quality because of its diaphragm size. It is perfect for conferences and talks that are done in huge halls or auditoriums. It is also used to engage the audience during the Q and A portion of the talk.

On the other hand, it can be clipped on a microphone stand for a more dramatic flair during musical performances. Besides, it can be mounted on a podium for speeches and orations.

Because of its versatility and sound quality, the handheld microphones will always be a standard fixture in many motivational speaking events. Get the best ones from a reputable microphone rental in NYC.

4. Fitness Headset

Motivation comes in many forms. One of them is fitness. The New York elite fitness scene, which has spawned many fitness trends, is a magnet for influencers and celebrities. It has inspired many New Yorkers to get up and move.

Adding an exercise routine in your conference is a creative and fun way to culminate the event. A fitness headset is a perfect microphone for that purpose. It has a wide frame that fits snugly and securely on the head of the fitness instructor.

It also features a moisture-repellent fabric cover that protects the microphone from corrosion that usually happens in humid environments.

Note that mind-blowing content from the best speakers in New York deserves the best amplification. Make sure that you complement their talks with the best microphones possible.

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