Best Pre-Scripted Prank Call and Fake Call Apps

Best Pre-Scripted Prank Call and Fake Call Apps

Ownage Pranks

Have a problem prank calling someone because you have no idea what to say?

This prank call app offers over 100+ pre-recordings containing different prank scripts which are hilarious and great for fooling friends.

Prank scenarios such as ‘Cat Facts’ and ‘Where do babies come from?’ are available to use among many more. To apply, enter the number contact then press call. Consequently, the pre-recording will be automatically sent once the call has been answered.

The apps AI known as ‘Speech recognition technology’ can analyze the conversation in real-time, looking for keywords and recognizing when there is a silence period. As dialogue is interpreted on the go, it can pause and make scripted responses at the most appropriate times.

This makes prank calls appear authentic fooling unsuspecting regular people.

Calls are subsequently recorded so you can listen afterwards, recordings can also be submitted to the Pranks Hall of Fame.

Prank Call

Prank Call is another pre-recorded prank calls app which contains many prank scripts, made initially from

Pranksters can enjoy and listen live during the call with just a click of a button, all you have to do is pick the prank script and select the contact number you wish to call.

When the call has been answered, an automated pre-recording will play which to the average person will be indistinguishable from a real person.

Prank scripts come in different scenarios, so you can find the right script most suited to your victim. How about sending the ‘I Found You Daddy’ script your bachelor friend, or the ‘Illegal Music Download’ script to someone who loves Spotify?

Other pre-recordings include ‘Girlfriend Breakup’, ‘Credit Card Fraud’ and many more.

Call dialogue will also appear natural as voice messages will pause at specific times, reenacting of how an average person would typically talk.

Prank Dial- Prank Call App

Since its initial arrival into the prank call app market Prank Dial has continued to provide the highest quality via an improved UI and more funnier prank scripts.

This app has 150+ pre-recorded scenarios recorded by professional voice actors, with such a large amount you will never run out. Classics include “You Hit My Car” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”.

To use simply choose the prank script that will probably irritate your target the most, enter their phone number and send. Like Ownage Pranks calls are recorded so you can play it over and share with friends.

Prank Dials can be made every day as you are given three free calls.

Fake Call – prank calling app, calling Santa

Is it Christmas and want to fool your kids into thinking Santa is calling you? This Fake incoming call & SMS simulator allows you send yourself a fake call or SMS. There is no risk as fraudulent incoming calls from an outsider’s perspective will appear no different from a regular incoming call.

The app has provided sufficient customization where you can choose the caller character such as Santa or the police and the name and number of the caller.

You can also choose any ringtone you like, enhancing the realism of the prank and avoiding suspicion.

Fake Call and SMS

Fake Call and SMS does exactly what it says on the title but provides a higher degree of customization compared to other similar apps.

This app lets you make incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls, perfect for escaping everyday scenarios with a legitimate excuse.

Customization not only includes simulating fake messages sent but also applies to your inbox, draft box and error mailbox. This is useful if someone requests to see your inbox, so you can show them precisely what you intend them to see.

Once installed, the app will be named ‘Call Assistant’ on your phone app homepage, this will avoid suspicion regarding the installation of the app.

Fake Call- Fake Caller ID

Organizing bogus calls is the primary purpose of this app which is an excellent tool to get out of awkward situations.

Not only can you schedule individual fake calls, but you plan multiple calls to phone you at different times of the day.

Customization includes assigning a fake caller picture and even a phoney screen once the incoming call has been made.

Conversational audio files can be selected on the app so it will be played once you answer the phone. Your own audio files can also be imported should you wish to record the dialogue yourself.

Fake call logs which show fraudulent outgoing calls can also be made, which will provide sufficient proof of you making a missed call.

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