The Best Rolex Watch For Every Budget

The Best Rolex Watch For Every Budget

There’s no better than a Rolex watch. That much is a fact. Though technically, some luxury watches from Omega and Audemars Piguet have better specs and prices, a Rolex is a Rolex. Every watch connoisseur worth his word will tell you that getting a Rolex is an investment. And you are getting something that will be the envy of your colleagues.

If you’re looking for the best Rolexes at different price points, you’ve come to the right article. In the next few paragraphs, it’s going to be a Rolex fest. So ready your wallets and credit cards, if we’re going to be honest because this is going to be every guy who’s into watch dream article.

A couple of points before we get down to the nitty-gritty: Make sure to get the Rolex you want at an accredited store. For a purchase like this, getting an appointment to see the thing, talking in person with a specialist and paying upfront is the best way to acquire it. When you’re buying online, make sure you are dealing with reputable sources. Always check their previous deals and research on other client’s experiences.

Rolex Under $3000

At this price point, you’ll be hard-pressed to get a brand new Rolex. But if you have the connections, you might get just the deal. Pre-owned Rolexes is what you’re hoping for in this budget, and honestly, you’ll be lucky to get one that looks brand new. There are a couple of Rolex watches you can get in this category, from beginner to mid-tier ones.

Expect to shell out at least five thousand and four hundred dollars for the cheapest Rolex when bought brand new. But for pre-owned ones, the pricing starts at $2,600. For that price, you get the Oyster Date, which seriously is quite the steal. Some brand new Rolexes without the date feature starts at more than twice that price.

The Oyster Date is the classic gent’s dress watch – you can wear it every day, although we highly advise against it, as there are many everyday watches you can get that will receive the brunt of daily wear. It’s also the watch which is the purest representation of the Rolex aesthetic, with silver oyster steel case in black dial. What more can you ask for?

Rolex Under $6000

A word from the wise: At this price point, getting a basic Oyster Perpetual is possible, and brand new at that. So if you really want a brand new Rolex, get the Perpetual. Sure, it doesn’t have the date and magnet-protection features of other high-end Rolexes, but as we’ve said on the first part of this article, a Rolex is a Rolex.

With this budget, you can get some top of the line pre-owned Rolex watches. The Explorer, for example, starts at just $4500. While most watch connoisseurs will go for the more popular lines, the Explorer, which was originally conceived to withstand the pressures of climbing Mt. Everest, is an example of a Rolex that’s undervalued.

As a watch, the Explorer is no less than its brothers, and its the perfect watch for someone that wants to go the subtler way of life. Its bigger brother, the Explorer II, can be fetched for at least a hundred bucks more. If you’re the sporty type and want a watch that looks like it’s the quintessential sports watch, check out the Yacht-Master. It starts at just shy of the price range, and it’s a watch that will surely be a looker.

Rolex Under $10,000

Ok, for this budget, you’re better off with brand new Rolexes. Getting a pre-owned Rolex at this price point is ridiculous, but to each their own of course, and at the end of the day, it’s going to be your money to burn, so go ahead. But man, wise up and set up an appointment with your nearest Rolex store instead. Just do it.

The Rolex Submariner starts at just $7500, and trust us when we say that this is the watch that will directly trump your boss’ Seamaster. It’s water-resistant for at least 100m, but the design and presentation of this watch are second to none. The Rolex Milgauss is also another option that you can look into, with a price tag that a hundred and fifty bucks more than the Submariner.


Getting a Rolex is surely a momentous occasion in someone’s life. It used to be that these watches are the symbol of success in one’s field and a direct representation of top craftsmanship for watchmakers. So when the time is ripe for you to buy your own, take pride in it.

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