Which Is Better For You: Daily Drinking or Drinking Every Weekend?

Many people are aware of the health risks attached to daily drinking but these can also be connected to drinking every weekend. Is one better than the other?

Around three-quarters of Americans drink alcohol. Even though some do so only occasionally.

We’ve all seen the headlines. “Americans drink too much!”

The statistics speak for themselves. Around 40 percent of Americans are drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

This is worrying. After all, high alcohol consumption has been linked with numerous health risks, including heart disease and cancer.

While few people are showing signs that they’re willing to give up alcohol altogether.

Instead, people are wondering about this question. Is it healthier to drink a little daily or drinking every weekend exclusively?

You can find out what the answer is below. Let’s get started!

Binge Drinking Every Weekend

Do you enjoy being self-righteous during the week, only to go crazy as soon as you finish work on Friday?

Heavy drinking can cause a lot of damage to your health. Even if you only drink once per week, binge drinking can wreak havoc on your health.

Binge drinking is considered to be drinking around 4 drinks for women and 5 drinks for men within 2 hours.

One drink constitutes around 2 ounces of beer, five ounces of wine and around 1.5 ounces of liquor, such as vodka or whiskey.

What Does the Doctor Say?

Binge drinking twice a week on Friday and Saturday while staying sober during the week can still cause significant damage to your health.

The most common health problem is liver disease. However, binge drinking also damages your heart, brain, and kidneys.

But, that’s just the start.

Binge drinking can also cause damage to your health in the short-term as well. You can suffer from alcohol poisoning, fall into a coma or even die due to overdose.

If you consume more alcohol than your body can handle, the build-up of alcohol in your bloodstream damages vital organs. This can cause your heart rate to escalate and reduce your capacity to breath.

Moreover, binge drinking can also cause neurological problems as well, such as brain damage and memory loss. Of course, alcohol can also worsen depression and develop into an addiction.

Heavy alcohol drinking is also connected with insomnia and strokes.

The Dangers of Weekend Drinking

Alcohol is called “liquid courage” for a reason after all. Many people binge drink because of numerous motivations from fears and traumas.

Drinking alcohol in heavy amounts can also cause you to make poor and impulsive decisions. This can risk injury or harm to yourself and others.

The increased number of violence due to binge drinking is exactly why you need to learn about dram shop liability for night clubs and bars.

There are a high number of alcohol-related injuries and incidents. These also include the damage caused by drinking and driving road accidents.

The Next Morning Hangover

There is a reason why people report being hungover on Saturday and Sunday the most. People get trashed in the evenings on both weekends before recovering on the Sunday before work on Monday.

Everything from “hair of the dog” and a hearty breakfast is suggested as hangover cures. There is strong evidence that drinking water can improve your symptoms. However, there is one certain cure for your hangover, which is to drink less.

Should We Drink a Little Every day?

We can categorically state that binge drinking every weekend is extremely harmful to your health.

And yet, that’s not necessarily are an argument in favor of drinking a little every day, is it?

Just drinking one drink regularly does appear to be less harmful to your health compared with binge drinking exclusively on the weekends.

In fact, there are even health benefits of drinking alcohol moderately.

In particular, the moderate consumption of red wine has been given as an example of healthy drinking.

Studies have shown that the daily drinking of red wine with meals can improve your cholesterol ratio, sleep quality and help to control type-2 diabetes.

Moreover, other studies have drawn links between moderate drinking reduced risk to dementia.

There is also surprising evidence that if you manage to limit yourself to just one glass of wine, you appear more sexually attractive to others.

Millennials Missing Out 

Before millennials start to rejoice in the wonderful benefits of a glass of wine with your morning cereal, wait a moment.

The health benefits of drinking moderate amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can mostly only be enjoyed in middle-aged and the elderly.

The health conditions, such as heart disease and strokes, are especially common among older people. Young people won’t be able to benefit since they’re already of such low risk.

Moreover, some people should probably avoid alcohol in all circumstances. This is particularly the case for women at risk of breast cancer. And besides, the damage probably always outweighs the benefits for most people.

The Benefits of Moderate Daily Drinking 

While the harmful effects of binge drinking should be avoided absolutely, there is a strong argument for moderate daily drinking.

The numerous health benefits which can be afforded by a glass of wine with a meal, or the occasional beer with friends, are to be cheered.

But, social relationships and bonds formed through drinking shouldn’t be neglected either.

You’ll never forget the experience of chatting to family in the holidays after too much wine. Or, the time your friend at college opened up to you over a beer.

Those benefits of alcohol consumption cannot be measured or quantified. As one headline puts it, “drink is the secret to humanity’s success.”

A Little Is Better Than a Lot

It’s never pleasant being a party pooper or a kill-joy. But, the facts are there!

On the one hand, binge drinking every weekend is extremely harmful to your health. Of course, this doesn’t make you an alcoholic, but you need to cut down.

On the other hand, daily drinking in moderate amounts offers some benefits. So, if you don’t want to give up the bottle, just keep it to one or two drinks per day.

If you want to read more about being healthy, check out our blog post on foods which can improve your dental health here.

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