What you can do With Your Luxury Real Estate Investment in Paris 

People have different motivations when it comes to international real estate investment. London investors, for instance, invest in properties for a capital gain, financial placement, and return of investment.

Investors of luxury real estate Paris, on the other hand, are usually driven by emotional motivations like achieving a childhood dream, enjoying the French culture, or simply enjoying the view.

Why is Paris real estate a good investment? 

For foreign buyers, investing in luxury real estate Paris is a wise decision. The city’s vintage high-end residences and tourist spots add to the city’s principal value.

Also, the General Urban Zone Regulations support the preservation of architectural heritage and urban structures, and the market respects this. For foreign investors, this is the real basis of the value of Paris homes.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, the real estate in Paris can be bought at prices lower than other residential markets like Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, or New York.

Overall, the acquisition of real estate properties in Paris is a lucrative way to store wealth as these assets serve as inflation hedges.

What else can you do with your real estate property?

If you don’t want to live in your newly acquired Paris property, there are other ways you can utilize it and earn a severe amount of cash.

Here are a few paths you can take.

Flip Your Mansion

Buying an existing luxury property and remodeling it for reselling is a significant investment. This is also faster compared to building a new structure but can be limited in terms of existing layout, condition, and architecture. While local flippers can easily outbid you, the good thing is that there are fewer investors who can afford funding luxury projects.

Rent out a Luxury Condo

The key to maximizing your profit from renting a luxury condo is to choose the right location. Make sure to select a luxury building that has transportation and amenity options. Building features and services can also make or break your investment, so make sure to check what else your luxury condo can offer. Terraces, high ceilings, and views can help you demand a better selling rate for your property and can also differentiate you from other cookie-cutter condos.

Remember that in choosing a luxury real estate, you’re also choosing a lifestyle. Hotel-style services, fitness centers, shared spaces, swimming pools, and private roof decks distinguish luxury living from other real estates. And you won’t mind choosing properties with these services because even if new buildings are built around you, your property will still hold its value.

Go for a Luxury Vacation Rental Property

 Investing in a high-end vacation rental property offers massive benefits in the form of networking opportunities, tax deductions, asset appreciation, and of course, personal enjoyment. Just like choosing a luxury condo, location is the key to picking the right luxury vacation rental to buy.

This kind of investment is excellent during favorable financial markets and for seasonal income. The only downside is that during a recession, you might suffer worse conditions compared to other cheaper properties.

Aside from choosing the perfect location, also consider the attractiveness of the property to vacationing families. This will improve your vacation rental occupancy rate, and of course, your ROI.

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy a luxury property — as an occupant, as a vacationer, or as a landlord. The main point is before you decide to buy, make sure that you consider all the features of the properties so that you can create lasting asset value and enjoy an abundant return for your investment.

If you’re ready to buy luxury real estate in Paris, Paris Property Group can help you find the perfect properties. Get in touch with them via email (, by phone (+33 (0)9 75 18 18 99 or (917) 779-9950), or through their website. s

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