How can you support the Indian Handicrafts industry?

India, a country which occupies a small space in Asia but houses approximately 135 crores human life, is known for its culture, heritage, and diversity. It is the people, the art and the experience of years that makes India what it is. Be it agriculture or textiles, Indian artisans are always on top, the best in the game. Indians are lucky to have this as a part of their past and present and it is also their duty to make it a part of their future.

What makes India the hub of art?

It is the Indian Handicraft industry. It is the different styles of textiles, artworks, and creations that are created with experienced hands with years of practice. Here is a list of a few special ones that make Indian Handicrafts industry proud –

1) Textile artwork

Styles like Block-printing and Bandhani dominate the Indian textile designing. Workers spend hours to make on single saree or piece of clothing using their own ideas and concepts. Block printing is done by using designed wood blocks with natural colours whereas Bandhani is using a tying cloth technique with bright and yet again, natural colours. Indian wear, carpets, table cloths, and even wall hangings are available to choose from. Bandhani is, in fact, a famous cultural heritage from Gujarat and constantly used during the Navratri season in India!

2) Woodwork

Carving of wood and making brilliant pieces of furniture is another genre of art that you’ll see in the streets of Saharanpur. Wood husk will be visible in the air and a walk down those lanes will open a new world of decor for you. Cabinets, frames, stands, and lanterns are a few of the options in the category of furniture handicrafts. If you are still looking for the kind of designs they provide, make sure to check a few sellers before making a purchase, the options are endless.

3) Jute textiles

Jute is an extensively cultivated crop in the West Bengal region which is used to make a variety of products. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is also light and comfortable to use. Commonly used for bags, folders, coasters or small stools, it comes at a decent price and lasts very long. Earlier available in very plain designs, the industry had evolved to give more colourful and modern versions to work with the new generation.

How can you use support Indian Handicrafts? Appreciate them & buy them instead of Foreign made products:

1) Home decor

If you want to do something unique and still keep things grounded, go for using Indian Handicrafts in and around your place wood furniture, block printed carpets and curtains and jute table equipment are a few options. You could also opt for other handicrafts like brass sculpted statues, designed pots or even a few marble art pieces. Also, the best way to make a choice for home decor is to visit a few online websites for Indian Handicrafts items like Jaipur Handicrafts which clearly lists out all variety and even gives you an idea about the pieces.

2) Gifting

Personal or corporates work best if they are special, unique and also useful. What better than Indian Handicrafts? A bag, a home decor item, a new clay pot or a wooden doll, everything and anything that lasts long, comes at a good value and reminds the person about you. Corporate gifts can also include personalized wooden boxes or paintings as well! You could always use online shopping as a mode of easy delivery in case required.

3) Office décor

Most startups or local brands are opting for the authentic local Indian culture to give their workplaces the right vibe. Add colour, glow, and warmth to your workplace for better employee satisfaction via Indian Handicrafts. A wooden pen stand, brass paper holder or a jute coaster, all can be small things but work like a charm. Not only employees, but you can also even impress visiting clients with sober yet mesmerizing decor choices.

Handicrafts are the pride of the Indian Country and require the support of the citizens to function. As a small scale enterprise and traditional form of art, they run because and for the people only.

Use these amazing handicrafts as amazing products to do your part in contributing not only to the industry but your nation too.

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