Choosing the Right Watch and Jewelry Repair Services in St. Louis

Do you need to repair a watch or jewelry services that you can trust? At Watch Technicians, we can offer you reliable and efficient repair services that you can request in the area of St. Louis. We are one of the watch & jewelry repair centers in St. Louis that can provide you a variety of services which include clocks, watches, and jewelry.

Services offered by St. Louis

We offer you a variety of services that you can request such as watch repairs, watch restoration, replacement of batteries, engraving with laser, adjustment of rings, jewelry repairs, jewelry restorations, clock restorations, and clock repairs. You can count on us to provide you efficient service and make your belongings work again.

We offer you simple repair services such as cleaning, polishing, crystal replacement up to more complicated issues such as a complete overhaul of your watch. Your jewelry will fit better and look like new again. Clocks are important and they need to have maintenance that will keep them in top condition.

Restorations are great for belongings that are not only valuable but have sentimental value. We can replace the internal and external parts and renovate it according to your indications. We will follow your instructions and also provide you our guidance so you can make the best decisions.

Common Repairs that we make

There are many issues that we can solve regarding your watch, jewelry or clock. We need to evaluate them personally before providing any recommendations. Once the technician inspects your possession, you will get a free quote of the services that you need.

Watch Repairs

There are minor issues that require little time such as the replacement of dead batteries, crystals, crowns, straps, or bands. We can make them waterproof and polish them, too. We can provide you with maintenance and also complete restorations of your beloved watch.

Jewelry Repairs

It is not easy to trust your jewelry to anyone. We are a well-known and responsible company that can provide you efficient jewelry repair services which include polishing, resizing, bead restringing, chain repairs, bracelet repairs, ring repairs, jewel replacements, and earring repairs. Your jewelry is safe and if it is not a major issue, we can have it ready on the same day.

Clock Repairs

Our clockers can fix many types of clocks such as cuckoos, wall clocks, and grandfather clocks, too. We can inspect the motors and handle any issues that can come up. We can completely restore your clock and make it work again. We are authorized technicians for Sligh, Ridgeway, Howard Miller, and Seth Thomas. Our technicians can handle a variety of mechanical and external issues. Allow us to take a look at your clock and provide a free estimate of our services. If your clock is too big, you can request our in house service and we will be glad to arrive at your location and check it out for you.

Reasons to Choose St. Louis

There are many reasons to choose Watch Technicians. Here are some of the most relevant reasons to choose our services.

  • Our technicians are experienced and highly-qualified to repair any type of issue that can arise who will carry out a diagnosis and evaluate your watch, clock, or jewelry. Once an evaluation is made, it will be repaired. There is no issue that they cannot fix.
  • We accept any brand, type of jewelry, or size of the clock. If you need us to repair your most valuable possessions, our team of technicians will work hard to make the repairs you need. We can handle luxurious brands such as Omega, Rolex, Seiko, Apple, Citizen, Movado, Coach, Bulova, Invicta, among many others.
  • Our company is local and we work hard to provide our community with honest and professional services. Our work has a warranty that will give you peace of mind when you leave your valuable possessions in our hands.
  • We can provide you with an engraving service for your valuable possessions and identify them for you. This is very common for wedding rings, graduation rings, bracelets, watches and anything that you would like to personalize.

Contact us by phone or online to book an appointment. We will make an evaluation and verify what repairs do your valuable belongings require. We are open 6 days a week except on Sunday. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied and we can provide you a free estimate. Give us a call, write to us online, or drop by in person. Let us know if you have any doubts.

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