Should You Be Eating Green Vegetables Or Juicing them?

Haven’t grown out of your dislike of green vegetables since your childhood? We understand and that is why we also know that most of you must be people who swallow bitter drinks or juices by pinching your noses. Well, green vegetables have always been full of nutrition but for those who can’t seem to get used to the taste of veggies cooked or otherwise, juicing would be a better option.

Green Vegetables

It’s true that eating green veggies might be a better source of nutrition. But juicing has its benefits as well. We’ll discuss these benefits as well as a few factors that will help you decide if you would rather eat or drink juice.

# Deciding Factors:

1. It’s effect on digestion:

It is all centered around fibers. Most of the fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fiber. This fiber helps you digest food and it also has various other health benefits.

Some of which are the decrease in your cholesterol level, maintaining your blood sugar levels, and also helps you maintain your weight.

A study has shown that when these vegetables are cooked or when the vegetables are juiced and their pulp is removed, the fibers in the food or juice are negligent.

This will make you more hungry and hence lead to more food consumption and weight gain. And you know what other health issues you’ll have as we have already discussed them.

So, if you are going to select juicing then better make sure that you keep the pulp or better yet just trust professionals to do it for you and purchase your juices from some of the healthier juice outlets.

As for the cooked food, ever considered going on a raw food diet?

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2. Convenience:

Do we have to tell you why this one makes juicing a better option? Eating green vegetables is not just a little gross for some of us but so is it time-consuming. Not the eating part just the cooking and cleaning part. Or maybe the eating part as well when you can’t get it down your throat.

So, yeah. You can always buy juices and as they come in travel cups you don’t have to worry about them spilling. You can have a juice anywhere. So, even if you are a workaholic you can quickly grab a juice and carry on with your work and drink it at the same time.

So, ease of access. Saves time. Can be drunk anywhere. What more do you need? Oh did we forget to mention the best taste and aroma? Can you always get that from green vegetables cooked at home or from the juices you make at home?

3. Nutrition:

In terms of eating versus juicing, juicing definitely is give you more load of nutrients. The content of vegetable is more in juice as compared to when you eat it raw or cooked.

So, when you drink a glass of juice it has more vegetables than any vegetable dish you prepare. More nutrients to keep your body functioning well.

Digesting food is a lengthy process. The food is separated from the fiber and then the nutrients are absorbed. With juices your body can quickly absorb the nutrients, the same cannot be said for the eating vegetable. Because it will be a time-consuming process with various obstacles if you have a weak digestive system and don’t chew properly.

# Other Benefits of Green Vegetable juices:

vegetables or juice

1. Keeps you hydrated:

There must have been times when you have forgotten to drink water but with juices you always a time set. So, green vegetable juices not only gives you all the necessary nutrients but also keeps you hydrated with its water content.

As if you need a list of drawbacks to understand why it is important to stay hydrated at all times. Even then we’ll present you with a short list of the downsides of dehydration i.e. what you have to suffer if you don’t keep yourself hydrated.

  • Weakness.
  • Hunger.
  • Incompetency.
  • Dumb.
  • No Productivity.

If these don’t make you want to stay hydrated here are few other serious downsides of dehydration.

  • Kidney Troubles.
  • Heat exhaustion or heat cramps.
  • Low blood volume shock.
  • Seizures.

2. Facilitates Hair growth and fights hair loss:

Green vegetables aren’t the only ones to have a monopoly on facilitating hair growth you can also try beetroot, onions and carrots juices. They are just as beneficial as leafy vegetables like spinach would be.

Not only do green leafy vegetables facilitate hair growth but they also join in your fight against hair loss. Consumption of green vegetable juices is said to fight hair loss. So, a win-win situation any way you look at it.

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3. Skincare:

Not just green vegetables but all the vegetables that are rich in vitamin c are good for getting rid of pimples or any kind of acne. They don’t just get rid of the pimples but if you consume it daily you might never again see a pimple on your face.

Many of you must have always wondered why you pale in comparison to other less attractive people. Well, you don’t have the glow. They are healthy and you are not. That might be rude to either of you but it’s true. Drinking vegetable juices is one of the ways of getting a glowing skin.

Scared of premature wrinkles showing up on your face? Vegetable juice is the preventive measure you need to take against them.

4. Energy Booster:

What does your daily diet contain? Is it a well-balanced diet or do you eat whenever you are hungry and bored? If that’s the case and you are getting by. Then think how great you would feel and what you can do when you eat proper meals or add vegetable juices to your daily diet?

Isn’t that food for thought?

Think about it. You won’t feel fatigued or lethargic all the time when you are drinking the right juices.

So, have you made up your mind? What are your plans? Will you go with the juices or would you rather eat raw green vegetables? Whatever you choose, the result would be amazing.

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