Introduction To Viking Jewelry

Vikings are generally portrayed as brutal and violent warriors that terrorized neighborhoods, snatched their goods and fight all the time, but most people do not know is that Vikings had a rich culture and history that we should explore. They were travelers who built their ships to sail around the world, good farmers, amazing craftsmen, invented Norse language and symbols.

Each of the symbols had a deep hidden meaning which shows how hardworking and talented they were. They created a diverse range of jewelry. Just like people today Vikings also loved to look good. They were not like the people we had in our minds, instead, they were sophisticated, intelligent and culturized people of their time. Whether it’s a brave warrior or simple framer, they were fond of jewelry. Vikings men and women both, worn beautiful ornaments of their time.

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What was Viking Jewelry was made of?

Viking jewelry was beautifully crafted from gold, silver, copper, amber, bronze, glass or even from animal bones. Silver was the most common material used in jewelry while gold was rarely used. I think only well-settled people worn gold. They wore necklaces, pendants, brooches, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. The rich used amber, silver, and gold to complete their looks while poor crafted their jewelry from bronze, pewter or animal bones. Brooches were the most common material worn by both men and women. Women used brooches to tighten their shawls while men wore a single brooch on his right shoulder. As you travel you adopt different things, Vikings did the same. Vikings traveled invaded many countries, they also adapt their culture. They picked up new fashions and crafted their jewelry accordingly. Many Viking ornaments featured war symbols, axes, Mjolnir ( Thor’s hammer) and animals. Finger rings and earrings are discovered in the late Viking era and are not so common.

Uses Of Jewelry:

Viking jewelry is used for many purposes. They were used as decorative items, rich families wore jewelry to show off their wealth, form of currency, etc. If Viking purchased something from the market they pay off their bills by giving armbands or finger ring in return. Warriors wore the same bands as a sign of they got your back in the war, or they sow their loyalty by exchanging rings, or groom gifts jewelry to its bride or wealthy lords give precious materials to warriors to ensure strong bonds, etc.

Does Viking Jewelry Exist In Today’s World?

The remains of Vikings jewelry are discovered on their burial sites and the precious ornaments are safely kept in the museums. But the diversified and sophisticated style is copied by jewelry makers today and beautiful ornaments are being created. After the huge success of Viking TV shows and movies, the Viking jewelry is selling in massive amounts. Whether it’s a Celtic ring or Tree of life bracelet or rare silver Viking Earrings, you can buy them online or in your nearby stores and they are considered as style statement today. Whether you carry a hipster style or cute teenage-style or wear a bold dress, these trending jewelry items are going with everything and the style is not just loved by girls buy boys also.


  • Most of the Norse jewelry was found on burial sites.
  • Earrings were rarely worn Vikings.
  • Finger Rings were discovered in late Viking era.
  • Brooches were the most common item of ancient Norse people.
  • The most common metal used in jewelry crafting is silver.
  • Vikings also made their jewelry by molding wax.

Vikings may have been big bad fierce warriors but they were style statements of their time. They surely knew how to carry a style.

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