Step-by-step Beginner’s Guide to Men’s Fashion

Are you new to this lovely world of fashion? If you’re still struggling to understand which trends to follow and what mistakes to avoid, we promise you it will get easier! To become great at fashion, you need to practice, check others and find your unique style. When today’s fashion is so playful, limited freedom is not an option anymore.

If this seems still a bit overwhelming to you, don’t worry! We’ve prepared our step-by-step guide for all of those who don’t feel brave enough to start experimenting with different styles or haven’t find their own sense of fashion yet. Being creative with your style is a skill just like any other which means if you still haven’t discovered your talent, you might now with our guide.

Finding the Right Fit

Do you know those people you see on the street wearing just a t-shirt and jeans but they still look fabulous? The key to looking great while wearing something simple is finding the right fit. It’s actually the most important thing when talking about great style. You can wear classiest, fanciest and trendiest clothes in the world, but it doesn’t fit you, it will look like a fashion disaster! Also, not everything that looks great on a sewing mannequin will look equally good on you.

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Usually, you will see men wearing clothes that are just one size bigger than their regular size which is one of the biggest beginner’s mistake! It doesn’t mean you have to buy clothes which are so tight you can’t breathe in it but you should wear something that fits you. Wearing clothes that are too big or too small might make you look sloppy, fatter or shorter. To avoid this, always pick your size, whether it’s just a t-shirt or an expensive suit!

Learn from Others

If a sense of fashion doesn’t come naturally to you, learn from those whose style you appreciate. The style doesn’t matter as long as it’s something you would like to wear as well. It can be sports, casual, elegant, business, and so on. It’s important to surround yourself with great fashion ideas in magazines, social media and streets. If you don’t know where to start looking for people with a great sense of fashion, start with social media or simply ask a couple of friends for names.

If there’s a particular outfit you see and like it, save it on your phone or computer and later research online to purchase similar products. Luckily, with online stores, you can easily find anything you think of.

Pause the Personal Style

You might be thinking: “Why can’t I just be myself and wear whatever I want?” Of course, you can do that as well, but if you want to evolve your fashion talent, your personal style should be put on hold for a while. You should purchase classic materials such as denim, print t-shirts, white sneakers, a black leather jacket, etc. This will help you start from basic and then move up the fashion ladder.

If you simply jump this phase and start wearing whatever you want, your fashion intentions might be completely misunderstood. Something that seems like a brave choice for a complete beginner might actually be a total fiasco when everyone else sees it. Choose your first fashion battles carefully!

Choosing One Trend to Follow

This is not a rule but for beginners, it’s usually hard to juggle with all these trends and bring classic style into the mix. As we said, it will take time until you can confidently play with fashion. However, when you’re just learning about all these trends, a good piece of advice would be to concentrate on one trend each season.

This will help you develop your talent within that particular trend. For instance, if you choose print t-shirts, you can learn so much about colour combination, adequate size, matching accessories, etc. It’s never about just that one trend, it’s about expanding your creativity when it comes to that trend!

Choose Light and Neutral colours

When you’re shopping for new clothing items, try not to purchase a colour just because it’s trending right now or you simply want to see how this colour suits you. Both of these reasons could lead to you wearing this item only once and then it’s facing a lifetime at the bottom of your wardrobe.

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Instead, choose light and neutral colours for your daily outfits. You probably have most of these colours in your wardrobe – white, black, olive, grey, khaki, brown, navy. Any of them will be perfect for any occasion you have in your schedule and let’s just mention how masculine all of these colours actually are. Also, when choosing accessories such as watches, hats, sunglasses, belt, it would be wise to choose it in these colours.


These are the basic steps when it comes to learning about men’s fashion. Go through every step and start practising it daily and you’ll soon be able to start being really creative with your outfits! Don’t let the fear prevent you from making the most out of your inner-fashion genius. In the end, all moments are much more interesting if you’re dressed appropriately for them!

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