Natural remedies to Pain – Amazing Effects of Amber Beads

Amber beads are natural remedies to treat pain. Most people use them in different ways, from amber oils, to even anklet for babies. Some of the numerous therapeutic effects of amber are still a surprise to many.

Over time, amber beads have being used has natural remedies to treat pain and other ailments. As more research emerges, it is clear that chemicals are quite harmful to the body. Most people have turned to nature to get supplements and remedies that can help to keep them healthier.

Baltic amber, also called gold of the North, is an organic substance, produced by the pine tree. It has been made into different kinds of jewellery, from amber bracelets, to amber teething anklet, and necklaces.

In addition, amber has been used in perfumes, and other ornaments. However, the main reason people seek out amber is for its healing properties. Amber contains up to 8 percent succinic acid, which is a very potent therapeutic agent.

Furthermore, amber can be applied in different ways. But the most common way is by wearing it on the skin. For instance, when an amber teething anklet is worn around the leg, the heat from the skin activates the healing process. These are just some of the amazing effects of amber.

Muscles and Bones

Amber beads are highly effective in controlling muscle and bone pain. One of the most amazing effects of amber is its ability to treat arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects help to relieve joint pain. However, it is important to note that you may need to wear the beads daily, or apply the oil consistently for up to a month to notice the changes. But it works effectively anyway.


Psoriasis is a kind of inflammatory disorder of the skin. It can appear on any part of the skin, often it shows on the scalp, elbows and knees. The skin appears with silvery scales, and redness. Amber helps to reduce the inflammation and balance the pH of the body.

Chest, Ear, Nose, and Throat problems

Amber can also help to reduce pain in the body. It can assist in minimising and overcoming fatigue. Furthermore, it can help to enhance thyroid functions.

How to Apply and Use Amber

The first rule in the application of amber is proximity. While there are different forms that amber comes in, such as amber oil, powder, beads, and jewellery, most people prefer using jewellery.

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Amber oil can be rubbed or massaged into the skin. Unknown to most people the oil has anti-aging properties and is also very effective for skin regeneration. In addition, the oil can help to heal broken skin and burns.

For the beads and jewellery, most people wear it wrongly. For instance, if you suffer from incessant migraines, the best way to wear the jewellery will be around your head, not in your hand. Remember proximity is the key to an effective treatment.

Amber can be used by adults, kids and even babies. Also, you can apply it on your pets as it is believed to help them keep ticks and fleas away. Amber collars and beads are available for your pets in different colors and sizes.

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