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How to Select the Right Leggings for Your Body Type

Leggings are a popular trend regardless of the season. From print to denim and faux leather, they’re everywhere. Whether you’re plus-size, petite, or in between, you can pull off a trendy look. Selecting leggings might sound frivolous since they’re probably the most versatile piece of clothing that you can wear comfortably throughout the year.

You can donate them whenever and wherever you want provided you know how to select the right pair according to the occasion and where you’re going. At Arrizel Fitness Wear, you can choose from a range of chic leggings for a trendy look. Here’s how to select and wear this trendy type of clothing.

Factors to Consider in Your Selection


Wearing the appropriate leggings size is a significant part of this piece of clothing. They can be neither too loose nor too tight. Ensure they fit you snugly without tracing your body shape. Additionally, they shouldn’t be too loose.

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To prevent gaffes associated with sizes, make sure you wear the right size. You could measure yourself or have it done by a professional from a store. It’s important because sizes vary with brands and recognizing your real measurement will help in your decision. If you’re an in-between two sizes, you should err on the bigger side.


Leggings are available in varying lengths and how you wear them and what you decide to wear them with is a personal decision. Just ensure the outfit looks like you’ve put it together well.

Tips for Different Body Types

Curvy Women

Curvy women can also look great in leggings as long as they pair them with the appropriate top. The ideal top for this body type is somewhat oversized, falling between the mid-thigh and hips. Long jumpers or shirts are ideal and so are bulky fabrics.

Virtually any fabric will do provided it isn’t so thin that the top of the leggings is visible. You could add shades of a similar color for a slender appearance. If you love patterns and prints, wear them. Just make sure you do either bottom or top, not both.


The same way a monochromatic color scheme gives a slender appearance, it’s elongating as well. Wearing a similar color on the bottom and top gives you a taller look, particularly if you include a pair of boots in a coordinating shade.

If you’re fond of prints and patterns, they should be on top, particularly if your legs are short. While petite women tend to wear heels to add a couple of inches, high heels aren’t ideal for petite leggings.

Pear-shaped Women

Pear-shaped women are typically wider on the bottom than the top. These women usually avoid petite leggings, but they shouldn’t. The secret lies in camouflaging the hips. You can achieve this with a long jacket or tunic.

However, avoid belts that accentuate the difference between your hips and waist. Consider strappy sandals if you wish to draw attention away from the hips. Alternatively, you could use long necklaces and scarves.

Leggings are clothing attire and trends that probably won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. They’re affordable, stylish, and anybody can wear them. You simply need to know how to flatter your body type. If you’re seeking fashionable petite leggings for various occasions, stop by Arizzel Fitness Wear.

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