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How to prepare yourself for the exam 70-486?

Microsoft 70-486 is a very famous exam that many people try to study for and pass it in order to upgrade their resume. If a person manages to pass this exam with good percentage, this can really add value to his profile and boost his career to a great extent. Passing this test can open so much opportunities for a person. Thus we can say that passing this exam for an IT person can add so much value to his profile.

Now let us discuss some important things about this exam. This is a Microsoft exam that is related to developing web applications using ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, CSS3, SQL Server and more. Those who have knowhow of these concepts and are professionals in using ASP.NET to design and develop different web applications are the one to take this exam as all the questions will be related to the above mentioned concepts. The purpose of this exam is to verify a candidate’s knowledge on web technologies that include ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, CSS3 and also the ones mentioned above through a series of questions. The exam 70-486 may seem just an exam that a person has to pass but in real life, this exam is very hard and tricky to pass. The exam contains different sections and each section must be answered within the given time period. It’s not like any person with a little knowhow of web applications and ASP.NET can take this exam and pass it gracefully, instead this exam has its criteria. Professionals must have three to five years of experience in designing and developing web applications in an ASP.NET MVC model. Not just that there are also a number of requirements that must be fulfilled by the candidate in order to be able to appear in the exam like

  • Must have a knowledge of how to develop and design asynchronous solutions.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Azure Web Apps.
  • Must have experience in software developing life cycle of web applications.

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Before appearing for the exam, a candidate must prepare himself completely. He must have a complete knowhow of the whole pattern of the exam. The exam contains around 40-60 questions but the number of questions are always updated every year. Now comes the time that a candidate has in order to complete the test. It must be cleared that there are two categories here, exam time and seat time. Exam time refers to the time in which a candidate has to complete the exam and the seat time refers to the time that a candidate must allocate for the exam. This whole time includes reading out all of the instructions properly, read and accept the NDA, complete all of the questions that are available to answer and also providing comments in the end if a candidate wants to but this part is not mandatory. So altogether the exam time is of 150 minutes and the seat time is of 180 minutes. The candidate is required to complete all the above mentioned tasks within this time period. After that he is not allowed to write anything on the paper.

Now that we know what this exam is, what types of questions will be asked, how much time we have to complete the exam, let us now move towards the part where we have to decide for ourselves as to how we can prepare in a best possible way for the exam. Our Microsoft trainers recommend that the candidates must use authorized resources in order to get material to study for the exam. Candidates must also browse for all the previous exams in order to get an idea about the questions. They must look for various websites that are providing materials to study. Our website “web development tutorial” has a complete set of instructions as to how one can prepare for the exam and pass gracefully. The website contains

  • Different sample questions of the 70-486 exam.
  • PDF files that contains all the material required to study and prepare for the exam.
  • Complete online practice exam that contains real time practical scenario based questions.
  • And other materials and practice dumps that can help a learner improve his skills.

With the help of our website, a learner will not only be able to get a complete knowhow of the exam but also he will be able to get his hands on the right material and then can prepare for the exam. If a person wish to pass this exam then he must make a proper plan for it and improvise it accordingly. The first step towards passing this exam is to gather right material for yourself.

Check out the different sample questions that are available on the website as these sample questions are made by experienced professionals who have passed the exam and have a good idea about what type of questions are asked in the paper. Look for some short courses and previous exams and judge yourself where you lack the most and which concepts you have a good grip on. The website also has a practice exam that is the exact simulation of the original test. This test must be taken by every learner who is preparing for this exam after he thinks that now he is prepared to appear in the exam.

This exam is the exact copy of the original exam and every question must be solved within the given time period. This exact simulation of the original exam contains 40 questions that must be completed in 90 minutes. This practice exam contains real time practical scenario based questions that can give a person a complete idea as to how a real exam is going to be like. After completing this exam, a learner can get familiar with the pattern of the exam and in this way his anxiety of appearing in the real exam can be reduced. Also he has now an idea of the whole pattern as to how he ought to solve the exam efficiently so in this way he can solve the real exam with a little less anxiety.

So this above discussion can give us a clearer picture about the 70-486 exam and how we can pass it. Proper guideline is indeed a very important part in passing the test, but it also depends on the learner that how much determined he is to pass the test. Our website is available 24/7 for assistance and the material available on our website is very helpful and must be taken. Now it only depends on the candidate as to how well he uses all the sources for preparing the exam.

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