See How Travel Technology change The World

In this 21st century Travel Portal Development is not only about hotel booking system with GTA Travel API XML Integration, it has become highly advanced in terms of technology and a lot of new technological reforms are taking over the hospitality and travel industry.

Travelling places is fun but the sometimes it does get hectic, stressful and chaotic in terms of customer service. The travellers come across a bunch of time-consuming issues like lost baggage, lazy in-flight services and Flight Delays.

The airline representatives handle all these complex issues but these airline representatives will be soon assisted by the artificial intelligence systems to manage these operations.

The top airline brands with the help of Travel Technology Services have already started brainstorming on the induction of Artificial Intelligence Technology and systems along with the airline representatives in the Airline Industry. As the hotel industry is already moving to the Artificial Intelligence platforms and it seems to be the next big thing in the hospitality industry. It has been reported that around 52% of the airlines are planning to switch to the Artificial Intelligence Platforms in the coming 5 years for managing their customer service issues.

The Artificial Intelligence will bring revolution in the Airline Industry in the following ways:

1: Issues will be resolved quickly

The airline’s representatives will be able to respond quickly with the help of Artificial Intelligence platforms. For example, an automated response can be sent to the customer that will inform him of progress from the point of the query generation to acknowledging and resolving it. The airline representative has to get involved in between but still, the point of contact between the customer and the airline representative is going to be decreased. The issues resolving process is going to be simple and quick.

It has been studied that the responses from the Artificial Intelligence platforms are quick and accurate. It caters the needs of detailed information from the customer and access data to generate personalized accurate responses. Artificial Platforms make sure that the turnaround time should be kept low.

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Let me give you an example of how artificial intelligence platforms work:

Some customer calls the Airline representative for a random issue, now the AI platform will simultaneously crawl the customer relevant useful data like the booking records, address, transaction details etc so, the problem gets fixed quickly.

2: In Predictive Analysis

The competition is at its peak and every airline is running loyalty programs to keep their customers intact. The AI platforms can enhance the end user experience by giving suggestions about the future trips and flights based on the customer’s past booking patterns. So, AI Platforms are empowered by data analytics to help the customer in making the right decision.

3: Integrating with AI Assistant

The airlines are also planning to integrate their AI platforms with the AI assistant like Alexa in the houses of the people so, that the people can receive the updates on Flight timings, delays, offers etc sitting on their couches. United Airlines has recently experimented with this Integration of their app named United Skill with the Alexa to provide voice-enabled customer services at homes.

So, the process seems to be simple and straight however there is a slight twist in it. There are a lot of questions that should be asked before locking our choice of travel technology company. The travel companies usually ask following types of questions from the technology companies :

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Who are all your customers?

With this want to check the amount of work the company has done in the past, they can contact them for reference before making a decision that they should put their money on the company or not.

Who are your famous customers?

Obviously, they want to see that is there any big player investing their money in the technology company? If the technology company is catering to a big travel business it increases the credibility of the company.

Travel booking system is a new thing for a travel company so, they are concerned about the initial training, support, and updates.

The travel company wants to know that how capable the technology company is in Integrating third party GDS (Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport), Suppliers and Aggregators. The technology company should be proficient in API XML integrations.

There is no software which is 100% synonymous with the travel company business model. So, every company requires a software which is flexible enough to be developed and modified according to their changing business requirements. Most of the travel technology companies are not comfortable in terms of developing new modules, changes the existing functionalities, modifying the markups and commissions logics etc that makes the travel companies reluctant in signing up with the travel technology companies.  

So, a lot of things had happened in the past, a lot of things are happening currently and a lot of things are going to come up in the future to change the Airline Industry completely.


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