Smoking meat is better than roasting it

Smoked is a type of roast or slow cooking of food done with low heat. The equipment and personal preferences determine which foods to choose for roasting or smoking. Smoking gives a pleasantly deep and woody flavor to food, this is the main reason why sometimes a smoky flavor is added to different sauces and vegetables. There are different advantages and disadvantages of roasting versus smoking that we should learn about. This will help us decide which is the best option to serve our guests and to give that special taste to our food just as we want. Smoking is a charcoal roasting process that occurs when food is cooked with indirect heat at a temperature usually below 200 degrees. Smoking also means adding a smoky taste to foods. This can be done by adding liquid smoke.

Special equipment is need

To have a true experience of charcoal roasting, you need something that resembles a well, be it a grill, a coal burner with a lid or a fire pit. The heat is indirect, so it is not necessary to turn the meat, but during the roast, the lid must be lifted to change the pieces of coal. The disadvantage of this process is that it subsequently exposes the meat to the air and therefore dries.

A smoker also needs a closed container, but you do not have to move the meat while cooking to accommodate the pieces of coal. Because this process is different from a grill, the final product can be wetter and more delicious especially when it comes to cuts of lean meat and poultry. The problem is that you will need an external heat source attached to your cooking vessel to generate the smoke. To keep the heat source at a constant temperature, which is necessary if you want to smoke your food instead of burning it, you may need to be fixing your heat source regularly to place more wood and stir the coals. If you are interested in smoking meat or fish, it is better to buy a meat smokehouse, which is specially made for this activity and keeps the temperature relatively constant. This means less work for you while your meat is cooking until you get what you want. Even though having a smoker is a one of a kind experience, it requires an additional investment of money but believe it or not, it is worth every penny you pay for it.

How to give a unique taste to your food

Do you like smoked food? This is a question you must ask yourself. Many people do it because it is a unique taste that is difficult to find in other food. When you eat smoked fish or other types of smoked meats, you can immediately notice it is smoked because they acquire a distinctive taste. Smoked meats also tend to be wetter than grilled or charcoal foods and soften more easily. This is made through a process in which food is smoked by using wood during the cooking process. If you like the taste of walnut, cherry, or applewood in your meat, smoking is for you. Keep in mind that smoking can create an unpleasant dish if you use mesquite. Have you ever tried it? It is delicious when it is well used but if it is used in big quantities, it can be too spicy for many people. When choosing the wood, you also have to know what kind you should use. If you use sapwood trees, such as pine, this can ruin food because they generate sparks and are slightly toxic. When people decide to grill, they usually use coal or gas. Of course, there will be a big difference in the taste, therefore gas is not recommended if you are looking for an intense and natural flavor on your meat or fish. A good way of adding smoked taste to food is by adding liquid smoke to it. You can also add it to vegetables or the meat marinade, but if you don’t use the correct amount, it can overload the dish and make the food taste artificial and processed instead of natural.

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