Top 3 IPTV Apps for IOS & Android

As with the advancement in time and digitalization at the global level, it looks like you can do just everything on your smartphone. Don’t you think that too?

Date back to forty years; it was a luxury to have a TV at home. In the present times, almost every house has at least one TV but lack time to watch it. So, we can say that IPTV has come into existence because of the ever-increasing requirement of mobility.

Basically, a technology allowing the TV show’s streaming on your cell phone is what we call as the IPTV or the Internet Protocol for Television. In simple words, IPTV enables you to watch your beloved TV shows at any place and at any moment. Nonetheless, you can’t get IPTV apps for free as it comes with a subscription or prior charges.

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Most importantly, it is advisable to get only the top-rated and reliable IPTV apps or else you will get malware in your phone. Here, we have come up with three of the topmost IPTV apps for iOS and Android to save your time, energy and hard-earned money.

  • GSE Smart IPTV

This IPTV app is amongst the most popular one due to its compatibility with multiple devices including IOS and Android. For Android users, this IPTV app is possibly the most visually appealing. What sets this IPTV app apart is its cable EPG layout similar to TV and crisp design.

Another important factor that adds to its worth, even more, is its availability on most platforms as compared to its competitors. In addition to the earlier stated devices, you can get it for Apple TV and Android TV as well. What’s more, it also offers compatibility to Chromecast.

GSE Smart IPTV.jpg

  • StrongIPTV

It offers great IPTV apps with high-quality streaming that work just beyond expectations.

With having these IPTV apps, you can watch your favorite cooking shows, cartoons, dramas from sitting from any corner of the world. What makes its IPTV apps highly sought-after is the low prices in comparison to its competitors.Who wouldn’t like to get high-qualityTV channels and related services at lower rates?

By leaving other competitors behind, StrongIPTV offers nothing but the best quality IPTV apps. That is why; the number of its subscribers is increasing with every passing day. In order to get the subscription or know more about it, check out


  • JioTV

Needless to introduce JioTV, it is amongst the highly used IPTV apps everywhere in the current times. What sets JioTV apart is the simplicity of all of its features. To viewers delight, it offers almost every national channel in every language and category with the inclusion of English.

Besides, viewers can even set the resolution as per their preferences with the inclusion of HD for watching their much-loved TV shows. Above all, JioTV plays both the live shows as well as those broadcasted earlier. All you need to do is to get the Jio sim for its registration.

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So, go get any of the above-mentioned IPTV apps for your iPhone or Android device and upgrade your TV-watching experience.


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