The 5 Best Destinations In Europe To Kick Off Your IT Career

As technology continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, more countries are stepping up to become a part of this timeless industry’s on-going boom. Each year, several European cities introduce new infrastructure and incentives in a bid to support the local tech sector while attracting investment from some of the world’s top tech VCs. This in turn fuels employment opportunities and creates a demand for new skills and training prospects. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the top 5 European best cities to live if you want to pursue a career in IT. These places will be best for you to consider if you’re looking for vacancy centre jobs. Read on to find out more.

1. Barcelona

Spain suffered quite a few hits in the recent past, thanks to controversy surrounding the Eurozone predicament. Thankfully, the city of Barcelona seems to be at the forefront of stimulating the country’s economy while creating jobs through opportunities in the tech and IT sector. Thanks to generous incentives offered by government to local entrepreneurs, tech start-ups are popping up all around the Poblenou district, and are set to create a myriad of employment opportunities for Catalan and Spanish native speakers. IT based opportunities are especially rife within the travel, gaming, banking and logistics sectors, so you’ll want to dust off your CV if you’re interested in growing your career in any of those trajectories.

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2. Dublin

Having a Dublin office seems to be the latest trend in Silicon valley these days, with tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon and LinkedIn all opening offices there in the past few years, creating countless job opportunities for qualified locals and expats alike. Although smaller in comparison to the tech companies we’ve mentioned above, up-and-coming tech enterprises such as Dropbox have also opened their international headquarters in the ‘Silicon Docks’, which has fuelled even more IT job creation.

However, what makes Dublin an even more attractive prospect for techies is that the city is currently experiencing a serious skill shortage when it comes to English-speaking IT specialists, so the time has never been more ripe to pursue an IT career there.

3. Malta

Recently dubbed as Europe’s most significant tech hub by Forbes magazine, Malta is fast becoming the centre of technological innovation within the continent. Apart from its highly agreeable climate, party atmosphere and welcoming locals, Malta’s recent tech boom was further cemented by the launch of ‘Silicon Valletta’ a few years back, which saw government rallying behind 40 Maltese tech start-ups in  a bid to provide infrastructural support and financial incentives, while connecting them with private investment as well.

This has opened opportunities for start-ups like Thought3D to create investment-attracting inventions, while generating job and training opportunities for local, expat and even refugees that are interested in the IT sector. The FinTech and gaming sectors are also bristling with opportunity on their IT divisions.

The highly popular ZEST annual conference is another marker of the island’s tech boom, and while it features panels, talks and keynote addresses by some of the leading minds in the global tech scene, it is usually followed by zany parties the scale of which reflects the young age of the conference’s audience. Needless to say, Malta is the destination to get started with your IT career, as it presents many opportunities and a nice work-life balance.

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4. Stockholm

Boasting billion-dollar start-up successes that range from Spotify to Skype, Minecraft’s Mojang and even King (Candy Crush creators), Stockholm continues to set the trend for tech innovation in Europe. Thanks to having a healthy tech ecosystem, this Swedish capital is also responsible for recent startup successes like up-and-coming podcast giant Acast, as well as Tictail, an online marketplace that is already being compared to established platforms like Amazon and Etsy. Both startups show promising growth and have attracted millions of dollars in VC investment, with even more certainly to follow.

Currently, this Swedish capital has over 8000 tech start-ups scattered throughout the region, all of which have a  combined workforce of over almost 53 000, and is second only to Silicon Valley in terms of the amount of billion dollar startups that it has. Clearly Stockholm is the place to go if you want a thriving IT career.

5. Amsterdam

While mostly known for its thriving tourism industry, the tech scene in Amsterdam has been steadily growing, thanks in part to having hosted the game-changing Next Web conference back in 2005, as well as the efforts of the country’s national universities, most of which have been fostering the next generation of tech innovators towards a more entrepreneurial approach.

This has also led to initiatives like the Rockstart incubator, as well as the country’s own Startupbootcamp, both of which have helped tens of Dutch startups to raise over $270 million. Not only that, but Amsterdam is attracting even more disruptive startups through the government-supported ‘Start-up Visa’, which means even more employment opportunities in the IT sector.


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