How To Outdoor Lighting For Decorate Garden

“Summer sun, something’s started, but oh, all those summer nights …” they sang in ‘Grease’ turning this lyrics into a generational anthem. And the dreams of summer nights end at dawn, after an unforgettable evening in the light of the moon, after a barbecue that kicks off the season of summer festivities, a romantic dinner with your partner, or a meeting arranging the world between toasts with the most intimate. All this, with the starry sky as a roof, because if there is something sure, it is that in summer we like to ‘live’ in the open air. And, of course, your terrace or garden are the best meeting points.

Our outdoor lighting must fulfill two objectives: to allow moving at night without problems and highlighting the characteristics of the garden to create a dream universe. For this, there are several key areas to illuminate and specific points of light to place. Let us see all of this in the following lines.

Functional and aesthetic lighting

We must illuminate priority areas to prevent possible falls. In the most frequent places, think of a simple and automatic ignition mode. Motion detectors are the most interesting options at this time.

From an aesthetic point of view, the lighting allows us to improve our garden (massifs, facades, fountains, statues, etc). Determine for it the places and the elements that you want to take out of the darkness. To test the effects and experiment you can use a portable projector.

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When selecting the points of light, think about respecting the style of the house and the garden. Stainless steel and design for a modern house, aluminum and classic shapes for a rustic house, etc. The exterior lights should be integrated harmoniously in your garden both day and night.

Entrance lighting

It is important to equip the entrance area with external lighting. The advisable thing is to place an external wall lamp on both sides or on the door a descending lighting.

If the entrance is narrow, opt for a descending wall with a motion detector. If on the contrary you want to revalue a large entry, choose an ascending app. If your entrance is located under a roof overhang high, enough you can even have a suspended lamp or an external ceiling.

Lighting of the passage areas

To guide your visitors and facilitate their passage it is important to clear the corridors of the garden. However, it is not necessary to mark them with an excessively bright light, unless the area that presents a difficulty or an obstacle.

For the illumination of these passage areas, the use of terminals or lampposts is recommended. Place one every five meters as a rule, although this will depend on the power and how winding the road.

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Lighting of the terrace

Ideal resting place to dine and receive guests, it is important for the lighting of this space to be sweet and warm. To achieve this you can use wall sconces with diffuser (frosted glass) that will achieve the effect of softening the light.

You can also use floor lamps and luminous terminals. Place them around the best pergolas, so that they delimit it but that does not prevent to see the rest of the garden.

Organization of plants

The organization is the best way to maintain the garden in a presentable way. You must locate and organize the place where the decorative plants, fruit trees, and the area that will cover the lawn, you can also define some areas with fences or separators.

Not everyone has the luxury of hiring the services of a gardener, but you can maintain a beautiful garden for different purposes, not only to enjoy direct contact with nature, but can also serve as a means of supplying fruits. , vegetables and herbs. However, for this, you must have dedication and commitment, taking care of it and keeping it as it should be. Pay attention to these basic rules because they are the most important to keep your garden beautiful and healthy!

Our 7 ‘style’ tips to light up your garden

  • Whenever you can, opt for indirect light in warm tones to create an intimate atmosphere.
  • Dare to create a festive atmosphere with a ‘retro’ touch playing with garlands with light, lanterns and bulbs like verbena.
  • Play with table lamps and lanterns of different sizes and styles to add a trend point.
  • If you want to put a light on the ceiling, let it be a striking and breakthrough lamp that takes all the limelight.
  • Wood is always your best ally outdoors, and in this case it also becomes the star material.
  • Place candles that provide a light and warm light and, in addition, have (a slight) citronella aroma to scare off insects.
  • Do not forget to illuminate the passage areas and stairs to facilitate access.
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